Chikara-Reiki-Do’s Granny Master Wisdom


Good morning all you Warrior Healers out there!

Here’s a Chikara-Reiki-Do healing technique I thought I’d share with you all – I call it the Chikara-Reiki-Do Rub 🙂

Lightly rub your hand vigorously over a poorly part and imagine all the dust particles flying around 🙂

You don’t need to touch the area, you can do an imaginary rub just above it.

Imagine you’re rubbing or agitating the aura…

Then hold your hand still over the area and imagine the particles settling back down again but in the right places.

This is actually very effective for pain relief, especially back pain.

Because, what you’ve done is agitate the energy and then soothed it down again.

Yes, we all used to ‘rub things better’ years ago but the practice seems to have gone out of fashion now…

Like Mum’s spit on your hanky for cleaning a graze… ha ha ha!

For you see, spit is naturally antiseptic. Why do you think animals lick their sores better?

Call me old fashioned, if you like – and you’d be right 🙂

So, use your Chikara-Reiki-Do energy on yourself.

Because, YOU have to be number 1 on your healing list!

For if you can’t look out for number 1 then you can’t do a proper job for others.

So, BE a shining example of what Chikara-Reiki-Do can do 🙂

Sit quietly EVERYDAY and run your Chikara-Reiki-Do energy, for your own steadfastness.

And when you sit quietly, you’ll start to notice things about yourself and about your physical body.

You’ll notice how you fidget, get bored, and talk yourself to death with idle thoughts… ha ha ha!

But the more you can observe and connect with yourself, the more you can connect with others – for they are simply you in another guise.

I like to use a soup analogy as a way of describing the overall energy of a person 🙂

Some are flavoured with a hint of jealousy or a pinch of greed, hatred or stifled ambition.

This might show up physically as skin rashes, short sightedness, headaches and a stammer etc.

But the more you notice your own imbalances, and deal with them, the better you’ll become at noticing the same imbalances in others.

…Even when they try to cover up the emotional imbalance with a physical complaint or condition 🙂

So, does their soup lack grit and determination or does it just need a spoonful of sugar?

Well, you’ll know…

And you’ll gently be able to settle their energy – by doing nothing more than being there.

Just as an anxious Mum has an anxious crying baby – then the moment grandma picks the baby up, it stops crying!

Because grandma knows all is well and there is no need to fret.

All grandma had to DO – was BE there… 🙂

…and her calming, confident, energy blended with the fractious energy of the baby and the mother…

…and brought it back into harmony…

And all is well in the world again 🙂

And so it is, when you wish to heal someone else.

All you have to DO, is BE there and blend your naturally balanced energy with the out of balanced sick energy.

Just as, in the rhyme, Betty bought a bit of better butter to make the bitter butter better – YOU are the better bit of butter, so to speak 🙂

And all will be exactly as it should be.

The person will either blend with your energy and move back into balance or continue to be ill – they may even die.

But they will respond. 🙂

Their passing might be more pain free and joyful because even dying can be the right outcome for all concerned sometimes!

Death IS life and it’s ok to let go, when the time is right.

Just as it’s ok to get well again too!

Who am I to judge 🙂

Have your own powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do Master weekend!

Judith 🙂
Granny Chikara-Reiki-Do Master


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