Chikara-Reiki-Do = EMPOWERED Living


Good morning all!

I’ve had quite a few people asking me what makes us so different in the world of Reiki…

…and I thought now would be the right time to respond.

So, what does make us so different?

Sure, we use the basic structure of Usui Reiki…

Or, to be more precise, we use the basic principles and format of Usui Reiki.

But that’s not so new or different is it?

So try this concept…

Perhaps it’s because of our desire to show you that Reiki is so much more than just a ‘hands on healing art’…

That Reiki is literally a KEY to unlocking the authentic you and reminding you of who you really are.

And it all starts with your own attunement 🙂

You see, the attunement ritual simply consciously connects you to your ‘source’ energy.

And you can call this energy whatever sits most comfortably with you…

God, Goddess, All That Is, Infinite Intelligence, The Supreme Ultimate, Infinite Consciousness etc. or even Elvis if you like …

Because source energy doesn’t really have need of a label…

Only you do.

Okay then, so…

The attunement flicks the ‘switch’ and ‘turns you on’. That must be the ray part then!

And suddenly, for many, there’s a sense of a POWER within them.

A POWER that allows YOU to ‘influence’ things 🙂

Situations can be changed.

Positive outcomes can be allowed.

Deep connections with others can be felt.

A feeling of harmony and serenity prevails in your life as YOU feel a part of the whole, rather than apart from the whole.

And an easy way to use, demonstrate and feel this energy for yourself – is to use it with others.

Which is where the ‘apparent’ healing comes in.

You find that sharing or blending this inner energy, this POWER within YOU, with others, reinforces your belief that it exists.

You can see it clearly influencing a desired outcome.

The person clearly ‘feels’ it’s flowing from YOU.

You can switch it on or off at will 🙂

And by ‘healing’ others, you gain a greater insight into yourself and find that ‘healing’ is occurring for you too.

You notice that physically, you start to heal of bothersome ailments.

You also notice that mentally and emotionally you feel more on an even keel. More balanced internally.

Your boat is not so easily rocked, so to speak.

Wow… you see what your Reiki energy can do for others and the ‘miracles’ you can create – but many get ‘stuck’ right there.

Creating mini-miracles by apparently healing others and thinking that’s the ‘all of Reiki’!

We suggest that’s simply the beginning – the start of a mini demonstration to yourself, of the real POWER that lies within YOU.

A demonstration of the Knowledge – Power – and Freedom available to YOU…

We want to give YOU the Knowledge of Reiki.

Which in turn demonstrates YOUR POWER.

Leading, ultimately, to YOUR Freedom.

A true understanding of Free Will, Freedom of Choice, Free Spirit…

Using Reiki consciously in all that YOU do.

Walking your talk… being consciously in the ‘here and now’, and, ultimately, ‘real’-izing there is only NOW.

Acknowledging your connection to ‘All That Is’ – YOUR Source Energy.

And if you ever forget your connection you can always go back and use the Reiki Rituals and Symbols again.

To know that you can influence and create those same miracles in your own life, just for you…

For YOU are the power behind it all!

Like all esoteric arts, Reiki is fundamentally a way of life

A Reiki Lifestyle.

Or perhaps better expressed as ‘A Way of Empowered Living’.

I’m here to see you don’t get ‘stuck’ on your journey.

To gently nudge you along your path…

Or perhaps more of a shove if it’s needed 🙂

But I always endeavour to do it with respect and humour.

And that’s what makes Chikara-Reiki-Do special.

That’s what makes us Radical…

Reiki to the disempowered, unenlightened masses, is a hands on healing art.

Reiki to us – is a way of EMPOWERED Living 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying the journey you’re sharing with us.

After all, there are NO accidents ever!

Have a POWERFUL Reiki weekend! 🙂

Judith 🙂


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