Combine with your life and Reiki

Combine with your life and Reiki.

Up until recently we have concentrated mostly on Reiki. But as many of you have found, Reiki blends, harmonises and mixes with just about anything 🙂

So with this in mind – we have a mind, to share with you lots of other complimentary skills, talents or simply things, you might like to combine with your life and Reiki.

I spoke last week of ‘occupying’ your time doing the things you love to do.

I love Reiki and the Tarot. And it’s the two things I am best at doing 🙂

But it’s funny how life leans from one to the other and combines elements of each in the doing.

And both require me to trust my intuition implicitly.

Sometimes a change can be as good as a rest – and leaves you feeling refreshed, re-motivated and inspired!

For some reason I’ve been busy doing readings both online and here at home. And the one thing I’m constantly reminding people to do is to TRUST themselves – above all others!

Use and trust your own intuition 🙂

So with that in mind, here’s a smashing little online course which provides you with simple and clear instruction so you can identify and use your own intuition.

It’s called The Intuition Zone

It shows you how to recognise those little signs and hear those little whispers I keep mentioning 🙂

If I had written a course on intuition, it would read like this one.

It even had me laughing!

So if you want to learn to TRUST yourself more.

If you want to be confident in your own abilities.

If you want to understand clearly what talents you have…

Then this plain and simple, yet comprehensive and clear cut course, is the one to use.

It will demystify the mystery.

Simplify the mumbo-jumbo.

And leave you feeling totally capable, confident and in charge of yourself and therefore your future!

If you can trust your own intuition you can live a life of joyous spontaneity!

Right now, imagine walking out your front door – without your mobile/cell phone, without your keys and with no money.

Do you feel safe and confident?

Of course you do!

Because you can trust yourself to be capable of managing or adapting to any situation.

Just imagine how spontaneous you can be if you learn to trust your intuition!

Spontaneous, fun loving, relaxed and confident – perfick 🙂

The Intuition Zone

Enjoy – until next week…

Judith. 🙂

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