Concentrated Energy…


Good mornin’ all

Happy new day, new week, new year, new you, new everything…!

Now, have you noticed how the time just flies by, even quicker than the last time I said ‘the time flies by’..!

So, to counter the rushing sensation, how about we simply step back and slow down ourselves.

Let’s become that still silence, the centre, the watcher – full of awareness.

Let’s step back and feel and sense the energy around us – and watch ourselves with awareness.

For as you stand in silence, you’ll hear your voice and feel your steadfastness.

Your feet become planted, grounded, powerful.

Yet fleet and balanced too.

In your silence you can stop and listen.

Hear the whispers of nature, the animals, The Universe.

In your silence you hear your own heart-beat and feel your unique rhythm resonate with the All of It.

And while you all do that, I shall be doing it too!

So, with that in mind, I shall be stepping back from social media and only connecting in our Chikara-Reiki-Do Masters Facebook private group or via email

I’m always here for all of you, to help and support where I can.

I just won’t be ‘chatting and blethering’ so much… 🙂

Instead of spreading my energy far and wide, it will be more powerful when we connect because my energy will be concentrated.

What you receive will be pure me… ha ha ha!

And all you need to DO, to BE more concentrated and powerful, is become more silent and watchful.

Ssh… Silent, serene, harmonious…


Judith 🙂

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