Create a Reiki Haven

Good mornin’ all…

It’s no good whinging and whining – sometimes things just have to be done, like the dishes and the bins!

Now, I know this is a horrid time of the year to be in the garden but it’s also a good time to do some tidying up out there and cutting back…

…or whatever the proper terms are before any new growth comes in the spring and overwhelms you.

Sort of Autumn Spring cleaning if you like!

So this question will be great for those down under who really are coming into Spring (I wish!) and also for anyone who generally loves plants and growing things.


Q – How can I do Reiki on plants in the garden to make them grow better?

A – Well, firstly you could use Reiki charged water when watering the plants and also give Reiki to the liquid feed you might use for the plants.

Try Reiki charging a crystal and then pop it in your rain barrel too.

You could also draw the symbols on cards or those lolly pop stick things and push these into the soil near the plants.

Perhaps use coloured ink too.

Or again, Reiki charge crystals and place these around your garden or in your tubs on the patio.

When you water with a watering can or hose pipe, draw out the symbols over the plants using the water spray like a pencil.

This works well with children out in the garden too!

Plant your bedding plants out in the pattern of the symbols.

You can also ‘walk the symbols’ into large areas, especially your lawn.

(Which you might not want to do if it grows as quickly as ours does!)

Forget tree hugging, try holding ‘hands’ instead. Gently hold the end of a tree’s lower branches and simple share your energy.

Or stand underneath its canopy and share your ‘radiance’ upwards from your crown chakra.

Instead of talking nonsense to your plants, whisper the symbols names like sweet nothings. Plants do love to be whispered to. 🙂

Hope these suggestions give you something to work on and encourage you to get out there and give them a go.

The garden jobs have to be done so you might as well incorporate your Reiki skills and see what happens.

Make your garden a Reiki haven with Reiki charged water for the birds and frogs etc.

Reiki bless the bird seed too and hedgehog dwellings or rabbit burrows.

If you can think it – do it! Nature will appreciate your efforts and reward you with strong blooms and big carrots next year!

Makes a change from so-so Reiki too.


Judith 🙂


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