Crystals With Reiki

Crystals With Reiki

Crystals are amazing. They are not just pretty stones.

They have the ability to store, transmit and amplify energy…

And, if you find yourself doubting this – just take time out to remember what’s working tirelessly behind the scenes to make your personal computer so powerfully special.

Yes, you’ve got it – silica – our friendly crystalline workhorse.

Now, anyone spending time around or with crystals knows how engaging they can be…

In fact, many crystal lovers consider them to be alive… and go as far as to say that you don’t find them – the crystal finds you.

They also say that if you really learn to listen you’ll hear them talking to you.

Not verbally, of course, but telepathically or intuitively.

An ability not lost on psychics and mediums who routinely carry these marvelous stones everywhere, and wouldn’t be found leaving home without them.

How do you empower crystals with Reiki? Well, it couldn’t be simpler…

Cleanse your chosen crystal under running water or soak overnight in a clear glass tumbler filled with filtered or mineral water.

Then simply hold the crystal in between your hands whilst intending the crystal be filled with Reiki…

Which will charge the entire crystal – or…

You can draw out the appropriate symbol above the crystal and then charge each individual facet with a different function.

Do this by choosing a facet that ‘feels’ right for the function you wish it to perform, then begin by rubbing the facet until it starts to seem like its changing texture.

It’ll somehow ‘feel’ like it’s becoming more pliant or rubbery.

Now, whilst continuing ‘to rub’ imagine the Reiki Symbol melting into the facet like butter into hot toast. As you’re doing this, chant the name of the symbol three times and then, whilst continuing to rub the facet, say what you want the crystal to do.

After charging the crystal in this way, you’ll find that whenever you rub that particular facet you’ll activate each stored program.

What can you charge them to do?

Anything – absolutely anything!

The only limitation is your own imagination, and to kick-start the process and oil the cogs so to speak, we’ll list a few examples…

You can use a Reiki charged crystal to:

  • Protect your home
  • Look after your car
  • Encourage your pot plants or garden to grow
  • Give you a wake up call in the morning
  • Be safe when travelling etc.


Holding a crystal during exams is soothing to the nerves and it could also be charged with some difficult to remember facts and figures. Just rub the appropriately filled facet and the answer will just ‘pop’ into your head.

Is this cheating? Only you can say – but it does work.

You could also try wearing a Reiki charged crystal around your neck for personal protection, attracting a suitable partner or as a money magnet.

So, as you can see, the practical possibilities of mixing crystals with Reiki are only limited by your imagination…

Reiki empowers the crystal, the crystal amplifies the Reiki. It’s a fabulous mix.

Crystals are magic. Supercharge the magic with Reiki, and who knows what will happen.

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