Death Defying Reiki :-)


Good mornin’ all

I was chatting with Chris the other day and he was talking about diseases and statistics etc…

And it struck me that no-one dies of old age or natural causes any more.

Call me old fashioned, but nowadays it seems you’re not allowed to just die, you must die of ‘something’.

If it’s not an obvious cause, like being hit by a bus or rotting parts, then they love to cut you open to see if they can discover something, in fact anything…

But you must conform, even in death, and you must have the proper label to tie on your big toe… ha ha ha!

Years ago I used to say that people died of old age because they didn’t visit a doctor, so no-one knew why Granny sat in the corner and never went out.

Ladies had ‘ladies problems’ that were unmentionable and so, of course, weren’t mentioned.

Gentlemen, ahem, likewise…

Call me old fashioned, but people appeared to pass with more dignity.

It was simply time to die. Death was a much more natural occurrence, more a part of life.

Yes, they had ’causes’ for their demise but they simply let things run their course, naturally.

It was a natural event that everyone shared.

Children and the dogs played outside whilst being told – “Granny’s dying, keep the noise down”… ha ha ha!

But you and Granny accepted the next step, embraced it without fear and moved on.

I’m sure some diseases are made-up nowadays just for the sake of something to write on your label (In fact I know they are, but that’s another story)

Life/Death, pleasure/pain, Balance/chaos, Fun/boredom, Joy/sorrow, control/breakdown, inner/outer…

When we embrace life to the full we are fun, we are full of fun, we are fun filled, we are happy and funny.

Life is a joy to be in…

It flows along at a chaotic speed and, have you noticed how happy people rarely get sick?

So, never lose your sense of humour… it could be fatal…

In sickness and in health…

As children we NEED sickness to kick start a healthy immune system. Sickness actually gives us a healthy life!

With children it’s best to let things run their course, then as adults, we’re all the stronger for it.

If we support the body in times of sickness and let it do its own thing, it’ll naturally bring itself back into health.

If you step back and observe, you’ll understand the ‘nature’ of your illness or the illness you’re involved in.

If you understand the nature of your illness or involvement, you’ll come to understand the nature of yourself.

And your life is ALL about YOU remember…

Illness is not something we do alone ever. It involves many people all around us, who’re each actively involved and having their own unique experience of your illness.

As healers we love illness…

We actively seek out sick people. We draw them to us, like moths to a flame.

Bloomin’ heck, we even advertise for them to come and visit us…

And the best healers have had lots of personal experience with sickness, either with themselves or through dealing with sickness in others.

So, never be afraid of being sick or dying… for there’s more to life than just today’s illusion.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…

Our deepest fear is that we are POWERFUL beyond measure”

Marianne Williamson

We love the drama, we love the crisis, we love taking things to the wire, we love the adventure of it all!

The more chaotic and extreme our lives, the more windswept and interesting we are.

The knack to enjoying a full and vibrant life is to remain calm and serene, happy and healthy on the inside, whilst all about you falls apart… ha ha ha!

Use your Reiki on yourself and for yourself every single day.

Give yourself a self ‘treat’ment as a gift to yourself.

Be amazed by the power and strength you find within… it’s yours

Okay then, let’s have a question…

Q… Does Reiki sometimes work indirectly?

I developed severe muscle pain in my legs and Reiki wasn’t helping but I woke up this morning with the urge to check out the side effects of a medication my doctor gave me for cholesterol.

Sure enough that was one of the side effects.

Simply taking away the pain would not have healed me.

I hadn’t heard of the Reiki energy working that way from any of my friends who do Reiki.

A – I think what happened is very like Reiki actually.

Treating yourself with Reiki each day simply ‘opens you up to divine love and wisdom’ – in other words, YOUR love and wisdom

It puts you in a space where you can ‘hear the answers’ you need, your answers, to heal or change your life.

The trick is to TRUST what happens and you did, with excellent results I may say. Huge well done to you

Now your friends can ask you for advice about Reiki

Life is perfick!

Bloomin’ marvellous

Judith 🙂


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