Disarmingly Simple!




Good mornin’ all…

Well, this time next week we’ll all be knee deep in sprouts and chocolates! 🙂

And trying to remain calm in the midst of chaos!

Which can also mean becoming ‘peacekeepers’ in some very volatile situations.

Just remember – many a true word is spoken in jest!

Here’s my simple idea for disarming the world but it also works for tense Christmas gatherings, when certain factions of your family come together for a ‘spoiler’ and a return ‘grudge match’.

Have you heard the saying: “He has a very disarming smile”?

Well, a smile is such a simple thing but it can pack a powerful punch too.

Because when someone genuinely smiles, they’re demonstrating that they’re relaxed and no threat to you.

But a bigger thing that comes across, is that they’re not afraid of YOU either!

Of course, this is not going to work willy-nilly but do you get the gist?

If you simply go around being happy and relaxed in yourself and amiable to others – instead of being judgemental, aggressive and defensive…

Then perhaps, you could turn things around as simply as that.

In a jiffy!

Another quality to smiling is that because YOU feel relaxed and at home with yourself, you’re more open to reading or sensing the energies around you.

Think Patrick Jane or Richard Castle!

It’s much easier to really connect with other people if you’re open and unafraid because they’ll sense that and relax more too.

Happy go lucky people are actually that – happy and lucky!

Smile and the whole world smiles back at you 🙂

Simple – yes.

But extraordinarily disarming when used with confidence!

Don’t take my word for it – do it and see for yourself!

Have a powerful weekend…

Judith 🙂


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