Distance Reiki – Is There Any Such Thing?

Distance Reiki – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Well, is there any such thing as distance Reiki?

Richard Bach said, and indeed wrote a book entitled, “There’s No Such Place as Far Away”.

And I’m inclined to agree.

But, what’s that got to do with giving a distance healing using Reiki energy?

Well, just bear with me for a few moments…

For you see, Reiki is often referred to as love energy, and love energy is, generally speaking, seated in the heart chakra.

For example, we speak of loved ones, here or gone, as being kept close to our hearts.

Locked in our hearts. Never forgotten in our hearts. Kept alive in our hearts.

Now, there is only one energy, as even some of our physicists will tell you… You are it (the energy) and it (the energy) is you. So, you are Reiki and Reiki is you.

Reiki, therefore, contains the past of it (energy), the present it (energy) and the future of it (energy). The near of it and the far away of it!

But the center of it, the root of it, the source of it is in you – in your heart.

So, to give a distance Reiki healing is to expand your heart energy enough to embrace another part of the oneness.

But for your energy to reach out it must first reach in and then explode out, from your heart…

We must first have enough love in our hearts to want to share. That is why it is good at the start of the healing to just ‘feel’ the connection. And you will.

Because you are them and they are you… remember?

Then essentially, just give Reiki to that part of you that feels as if it is hurting – mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Just give yourself some Summer lovin’ – for there is only one energy. It is you and you are it – and you will ‘feel’ the flow.

You will feel and understand the resistance. You will feel better for giving. For in your giving… you will receive.

Because there is only one energy.

It is you and you are it.

Now, you do not have to go anywhere special to do this, either physically or mentally. And you do NOT have to send it anywhere.

You simply expand your heart energy.

In doing so, you will embrace the lost or forgotten part of you. And you will receive into your heart a ‘new’ loved one. Never to be forgotten or left out in the cold again.

And never ‘far away’.

For loved ones are always in our hearts.

Now, try this exercise.

Choose someone you would like to embrace with your loving and healing energy. You don’t need to ask them or tell them. It can be a friend, a relative or someone from the news or even a magazine story.

Sit quietly and draw out the power symbol over your palms followed by the distance Reiki symbol. Then gently lay your hands palms down – one over your heart chakra and the other over your solar plexus.

And before you ask, which hand do I use over which chakra, the left or the right – just do whatever feels comfortable to you

Now ‘send’ them Distance Reiki simply by just thinking of them.

Imagine them receiving it. Imagine them enveloped in warmth and caring. Imagine the smile on their face. Hear their laughter. Feel their spirits lift.

Continue playing this scene over in your head for about fifteen minutes or whatever seems comfortable for you – either more or less.

Open up your heart and receive them in. Having done this, even only once, notice the changes in yourself too. For as you give so you will receive.

It can be no other way – for there is only one energy. It is you and you are it.

You become more loved because you are loving. You become more happy, relaxed, caring and joyous and your immediate world responds.

As you heal your other aspects it makes you more whole and complete. In caring for others we care for ourselves. As we love, honor and respect the other person, we do so for ourselves too, and as a direct consequence we blossom.

For there is only one energy.

It is you and you are it.


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