Do you need to join a Reiki Club?

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Do you need to join a Reiki Club

OK, so the busy stuff has been filming lots of new videos for our new Facebook page which you can view here

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The videos are not all complete yet but we are busy producing the first batch…

…and I do think that watching a video is much more personal and I feel like I am really talking to you.

I would love to eventually get the Sunday Chat out in video too but one step at a time, I think… ha ha ha!!!

So, swiftly moving on to the question…

Q…I was looking on YouTube yesterday when I came across a video that said if and when someone becomes a Reiki Master, before that Master can attune anyone else, they have to register with the Reiki Foundation and they will come out and assess you, to see if you are capable of passing on Reiki 1 & 2 and so on.

Can you shed any light on this please as I thought that once I completed your Chikara-Reiki-Do course I was able to teach others and have my own students and attune them up to Reiki Master?


And my answer 🙂

A… And exactly WHO says you have to register with ‘The Reiki Foundation’???

Ooops… surprise, surprise!!! It’s the Reiki Foundation 🙂

Blimey, that’s a grand way of drumming up members isn’t it?

Perhaps we should give it a go too 🙂

No, no, not really, I’m just kidding – but let’s be very clear about this…

You do not have to join any Reiki Club to practice Reiki on another person. Either as a healing therapist or as a Master doing an attunement for someone else.

Okay, bottom line time.

ALL Reiki Clubs are there to make money – they are, after all businesses – but some of them seem to have an unhealthy desire to just CONTROL YOU too…

…through unnecessary can and can’t do ‘rules, regulations and codes of practice’ of their own making.

Yes, membership of these various clubs can generate a certain amount of confidence in your clients but membership should always be discretionary, and never compulsory.

You see, the world is obsessed with joining clubs and effectively segregating ourselves from one another…

…and the attitude is always ‘my club is better than your club’ even if you do the same thing or share the same swimming pool or mend the same cars or simply do Reiki…

Let’s grow-up for heaven’s sake… ha ha ha!

Okay now, as you might have sensed, I feel very strongly about being free to be who you are… ha ha ha!

And this is because THERE IS ONLY ONE ENERGY…

Those of us who use it as WE do – are called Reiki Masters, regardless of which club you join.

We have nothing against the Reiki Alliance or Federation, of course – we simply choose not to be a part of them…

…but then they choose not to be part of us either, which is absolutely fine.

But do please remember, we are a very large, worldwide group in ourselves – there are thousands of us…

…and you can be put in contact with each other if you want.

Yes, you may become a Reiki teacher using our course it’s simply that the Reiki Alliance or Federation may choose not to recognise your training or allow you to join their ‘club’.

Okay then – a different tack now…

Please do watch this enlightening and thought provoking video from David Icke.

“We Are All One Consciousness – Human Race Get off Your Knees”

It would be nice if you would circulate this video far and wide and this is the link to send to people:

But, as always… it is your choice 🙂

Judith 🙂

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