Does Distance Reiki Really Work

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Does distance Reiki really work?

How can we best discern that it is Reiki that does the healing when we send distance Reiki

People get better or are completely healed but we can only suppose that it is Reiki that we send that corrects the problem we request

A… We can’t discern. All we can do is Trust… but also don’t even ask the question.

If you ask the question then you are already doubting. If you have a doubt, then you have a confidence issue.

If you think it is, it is, if you think it isn’t, it isn’t!

If you practice using your Reiki on yourself each day, every day, then the changes you perceive in yourself and your own life will leave you in no doubt what-so-ever that Reiki works!

And do not concern yourself with a specific outcome or the need for ‘proof’.

Whatever the outcome, at that time, will be perfect for all concerned.

People always heal themselves. We are only energetic support whilst they do so.

We all find the right remedy at the right time for whatever it is we need.

Just trust the Reiki energy has done whatever was needed, right there and then, for that person.

That’s all you have to do.

And another quickie:

Q… In a past Sunday Chat you mentioned giving Reiki before surgery and after surgery. When my son recently went into hospital for a hernia operation I sent Reiki by distance while he was actually being operated on.

Was this the wrong thing to do?

And my answer:

A… You don’t really have to ask this question as you already know the answer 🙂

You sent Reiki and deeply connected with your son while he was in a vulnerable position. You stood guard and sent him support and love and healing.

And I bet he recovered quicker than most!

Never question your Mothering instincts. You know it was the right thing to do. The more Reiki the better for anyone when they are in a vulnerable state.


Confidence in yourself and knowing what you are capable of is so important. But how do you build your confidence and gain that knowing?

Practice, practice, practice with your Reiki on yourself!

Practice, practice, practice using your Reiki for everything and on anything that will sit still long enough 🙂

Then Trust yourself!

You were not born daft! You were born a fully developed, highly evolved, spiritual being of total energy!

Just BE it!

Now what was it about the ‘proof of the chocolate pudding’…ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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