Does Reiki Cause Problems?

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Does Reiki Cause Problems?

Now, I received a note about last week’s question on headaches so I thought I would share it…

Q… When I do Reiki and have a headache, I say “Releasing Pain” and other release words, depending on the type of pain.

I hope this helps the person who asked the question.

And my reply…

A… Thank you 🙂

But all I see, though, is the word ‘pain’ again, releasing or not.

I would simply suggest embracing clarity or good health. I would not even think of pain and never mention it.

Simply see the outcome you desire and move forward to that.

Like sitting on the train looking forward, not moving forward whilst looking backwards, if you see what I mean… ha ha ha!

It’s always good to hear what works for other people. And remember, if it works for YOU then it is right for YOU, regardless of what others say or do 🙂

Proof of the pudding etc 🙂

Ok, now for this week’s question…

Q… Hi Judith

I have a friend who did Reiki I and she changed. She is nervous too much and she does not smile like before.

Something happened with her.

Is that means that Reiki is not for everyone?

And my answer…

A… If your friend changed after experiencing Reiki then it is not the Reiki that is to blame. Reiki is simply a way of exercising and expressing your own energy.

Her Reiki experience has obviously allowed some deeper ‘issues’ to bubble up and she needs to deal with these.

And once she has, she will be happy and confident again. 🙂

I would suggest she uses her Reiki even more, to support herself through the transition period she is going through 🙂

But perhaps she would prefer to use another technique, like EFT, to clear these problems she has.

Reiki is safe for anyone to use and will not create problems.

It may show you problems you have that need addressing, but it will not cause the problem 🙂

As ever, the choice is always a personal one.


Judith 🙂

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