Does Reiki Sometimes Heal Indirectly..?


Hi, I’m Judith Conroy of Chikara-Reiki-Do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, Question…

I’m new to Reiki and I was wondering, if it sometimes worked indirectly.

In other words, if it sometimes didn’t heal but directed you to something that would heal.


I think that is very like the way Reiki energy works sometimes.

Treating yourself with Reiki each day simply opens you up to divine love and wisdom.

It puts you in a space where you can hear the answers you need to heal or to change your life.

The trick is to trust what happens.

Now, I’m always asking you all to trust yourselves implicitly.

Trust your inner whisper, the hunch, feeling spontaneous thought.

Being still each morning and simply running the Reiki energy for yourself, puts you in the space to do this.

By trusting yourself, you are also putting yourself in control of your own life.

The more you trust, the more in control you are.

You develop an independent outlook, you develop more self- confidence and you develop more self-awareness.

By developing more self-awareness, you are able to develop more ‘other’ awareness.

For there is, only one energy.

If you can learn to read your own energy by trusting the messages, then you can learn to read someone else’s energy…

…by doing exactly the same thing – and using yourself as a surrogate.

The more sensitive you become to reading your own energy, the more you will sense the disturbances in the force Luke.

You have to be open and you have to trust yourself.

There is no other way.

Practicing simple Reiki on yourself each day will enhance your ability to trust yourself.

Reiki is not difficult.

It is not complicated or convoluted.

Its very simplicity is its power.

Keep it simple unfanciful and straight forward.

Then tell me you cannot feel, touch or taste the driving force within you. No, no, no…

Don’t literally tell me.

So, there we have it.

Simplify your Reiki to the bare bones as it were.

Trust yourself above all else and prepare to be amazed by the control you exert in your own life.

You really are your own guiding light.

Thanks for listening.

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