Don’t Be Dull – Be Exciting!


Good mornin’ all

Spring, it really is a time of new beginnings, adventures and possibilities

Springtime makes you feel ‘aliveness’ in your very being.

Your feet itch, your body wants to move and your mind races with ideas

It all feels so do-able in the springtime.

So don’t hold back, harness this shift and lift of energy and get out those ideas and run with them.

“Go boldly, and unseen forces will come to your aid”

Earl Nightingale.

Try anything to shake up your dull boring routine…

…because, just like spring cleaning the house – you need to spring clean your life every now and then.

Otherwise it becomes cluttered and dusty with routine instead of scaring and daring with adventures!

The spark will fade unless you fan it.

So come on… don’t just sit there listening to me on a Sunday morning!

Get up and get going with your heart’s desire TODAY!

Do that which makes you feel good.

Following your heart’s desire will lift your spirits – literally!

DO at least ONE thing TODAY, that’ll move you towards your dream… NOW!

Even if that’s only to sit and contemplate what your next dream is!

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”

There’s no time, like the present, as my Mother used to say, whilst pointing at the dishes

If you want flying lessons, book them!

If you want to ask her out, ask her!

If you want to change something, change it NOW.

And if you want to DO Reiki, get on and just DO IT.

Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin… and both make you FEEL ALIVENESS in your being

Life is like a fair ground ride – up and down – making you laugh one minute and sick the next

But unless YOU step on your ride, you’ll never KNOW the thrills and joy of living YOUR life to the full.

Use your Reiki to spring clean your thoughts, to give you the confidence to take the plunge, or to change your days…

Or simply to support your choices and decisions…

…but do it now!


This moment in time!

Have an amazing weekend, one you’ll remember, one to base your book on, one to share with the grandchildren…

And as much chocolate as necessary, to make you feel good


So, no excuses, if you want to do Reiki…

Just do it…!

Have a great day!

Judith 🙂

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