Doubting Online Reiki Attunements Question


Good morning all!

Now, remember!

Don’t doubt me – TRUST YOURSELF! 🙂

Here’s the question…

Q – How could anyone be attuned over the net or just from purchasing your course?

Good question – if you don’t understand energy that is!

And here’s my answer:

A – Well firstly, our Ultimate Reiki Package is a complete Reiki course and it guides you – step by step – through the process of ‘how to’ attune yourself to Reiki.

So your attunement is very powerful, up front and personal to you 🙂

But if you’re still a bit unsure, then you can join in with our monthly webcast.

This is when I guide you through your own self-attunement and then send you a Distance Attunement too.

But that’s simply me re-enforcing your intentions, with mine

Like belt and braces if you will

When you consider – and please do consider, ponder and ruminate upon the fact, that there is only One Energy – and that you, your Reiki – and me – are one and the very same thing…

…then of course, when you do REAL-ize this – changes can occur and be felt at an apparent distance.

But then, there is no distance – just as there is no space, there is no time and there is no movement either!

But that’s another topic for another time, for now, just know…

There’s no such place as far away

There is no out there, only in here!

It’s just that without the apparent out there, there can be no in here.

For in the absence of that which is not…
That which is…
Is not! 🙂

Keep pondering! It gets easier

Remember – I’m not ‘giving’ you anything.

I’m simply showing you how to unlock and recognize, what’s already within you.

An energetic EXPERIENCE all of your own.

You see…

You can buy a bike but until you ride it for yourself you are not a cyclist.

And it’s exactly the same with Reiki energy.

Until you acknowledge it and use it as your own, it will mean nothing.

It will remain just a word. A distant, nebulous, idea…

So get on your bike and join the Reiki Ramblers and Cycling club, so to speak 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend…

Judith 🙂


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