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Good morning all, and…

Here’s a FREE surprise for you all too…

Instead of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, let’s have a cheerful, Sparkling Sunday offer!

These days everyone’s talking about grounding or earthing and being connected and coming from heart energy.

And this is all well and good but what does it bloomin’ well mean?

What does it mean to the likes of you and I – mere mortals interested in Reiki?

And how ‘on earth’ do you do it anyway?

Our planet is a wonderful tonic, a great ball of energy, a USB port for infinite energy.

But how exactly do you tap into her endless supply?

Recently I shared how to simply earth yourself by taking off your shoes and walking bare foot or just standing bare foot in your garden.

And this week I’m going to expand on that.

Still keeping it simple and easy, but I’m suggesting you use a Mother Earth Connecting meditation.

Now, you’ve all heard of the Schumann Resonance, no doubt, and you all know it does something good!

But did you know that it has a counter-balance energy vibration too?

And, connecting with the two vibrations together, brings a deep inner glow and peace = harmony and health.

The Schumann Resonance is a Yang energy and ‘earthing’ yourself with bare feet, planted actually on the planet, will connect you to the Yin energy.

But, as most of the Schumann Resonance nowadays is disrupted and distorted by all the electro-magnetic smog that we live in…

…drawing it literally, right into yourself, using a little help from our meditation with the correct sound frequency is a perfick way to go about it.

And as summer approaches down under, imagine lying on the beach catching some sun and soaking up the earth’s yin energy and drawing in the ethers yang energy…

…while listening to some gentle music.

(For those in Scotland please add to your imagination a windbreak, umbrella and thick jumper!)

The meditation I just mentioned is one of our 15 Minute Fix meditations.

It’s just 15 minutes long – but if you want to listen longer, you can let it play round and round on a loop.

You can use it as a quick pick me up, or tonic – or as an energising refresher, perhaps during your lunch break.

But most of all, use it as an ‘earthing’ mechanism to reconnect deeply to Mother Earth and her inner and outer vibrations.

It’s not designed to ‘float you away’ anywhere – it’s designed to ‘bring you back down to Earth’.

Yes, you can lie in bed or on the couch to listen and relax…

…but also use it when out in nature.

So, try listening to it sat in the garden with your feet flat on the ground – preferably bare.

(Bare feet that is!)

Or listen while walking to work, or across the cliffs looking out to sea.

And, if you like running, then listen while your feet pound the earth, as the path unwinds in front of you.

Or combine listening with walking the dog…

Planting your vegetables or mowing the lawn…

Or on a miserable rainy day, simply sit with your bare feet on the carpet and watch out of the window or close your eyes and be the rain…

Connecting ABOVE with BELOW – Heaven and Earth.

Body and spirit!

Okay then here’s the download for the meditation – it’s totally free – it’s our gift to you…

So, what actually is it?

Well, it’s not just ‘another meditation’…it’s the frequency of the Schumann resonance 7.83hz combined with some gentle music.

It’s a ‘living meditation’ made with the frequencies of life itself.

It’s the heartbeat of the planet and all too often we do not access it – not because we can’t, but…

Because we’ve forgotten how and because today it’s largely being drowned out by all the unhealthy electro-magnetic smog we find ourselves living in!

The Schumann Resonance is like the tuning fork of the planet, and, if you immerse yourself often enough, it will gently bring you back home and give you a wonderful sense of being nature.

Not in it, a part of it or communing with her but a very real sense of being her, as One.


Well, I find this little meditation immensely peaceful, especially when I use it sitting in the garden with the birds chattering in the background, the sun on my face and a breeze playing with my hair.

But more often, sat with my hat and coat on smelling the rain before it arrives.

There is only One Energy and we are an important component of the planet too.

We need our two heartbeats to become one again.

I love this little ‘living meditation’ because I can sit here at my computer with my feet flat down and listen or I can just as easily listen in the garden, on our walks or, dare I say it, doing the cleaning.

Hmmm, steady on a bit, cleaning might be a step too far.

Using todays technology it becomes such a pleasure to meditate.

Our mind and body responds almost instantly.

Meditation is the key to so many doors within you, as Usui knew too.

Treat yourself, and watch as a new door opens for you.

Bloomin’ marvellous,

Judith 🙂

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