Eclectic Reiki Questions

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Eclectic Reiki Questions

This is going to be a somewhat eclectic Sunday chat today… ha ha ha!

You see, these past couple of weeks I have had two types of stories or general themes if you like.

One has been about cancer and the other fear, and often the two go hand in hand 🙁

OK, so let’s address the big C first.

As you know we like to keep things very simple around here. But we also like to get results. We strive to give YOU the tools to make your life better than it is at present.

There is no one ‘cure all therapy’ and usually it is a case of trial and error before you find the right one for you at the right time.

Now, here’s a little background about this so you know I speak from experience… and remember, there are no accidents EVER…

Sixteen years ago I started on Oxygen Therapy after reading Ed McCabe’s book on the subject. I found it fascinating and have used Oxygen Therapy on and off ever since…

…and you may recall a while back, I suggested Oxygen capsules for ‘bowel’ problems.

Well, these capsules are excellent for irritable bowel, diverticulitis, constipation, colitis, inflammation and just about any other dysfunction in that bit of tubing…

…and I now take Oxygen capsules once a week for healthy insides because just over 18 months ago they literally saved my life… so I, for one, think they’re absolutely brilliant:-)

But let’s get back to Oxygen Therapy…

Because we’ve recently come across another brilliant little e-book all about this wonderful healing system, called…

The One Minute Cure – and you can find it by clicking here

It explains how you can cure, and yes I did use the word cure, a whole raft of diseases including Cancer and Aids!!!

The book is a very easy read and tells you exactly what you need to do to carry out this very simple, very powerful therapy in your own home – and anyone really can do it…

But, information is just that, information.

It’s what you do with it, when you come across it that makes the difference in your life.

I can only share what I know to be so, for me.

You must trust your intuition here and do what feels right for you.

To check it out and make your decision click here

You can also read a previous Sunday Reiki Chat about Reiki for cancer by clicking here

Now for that other biggie in our lives… that most devastating of emotional blocks we all have – FEAR!

It doesn’t matter what you call your fear, it all boils down to just that, FEAR.

You can give it a grand name like arachnophobia or call it a fear of spiders. A fear of death, cancer or needles! Flying, heights, public speaking… the list is endless!

You can blame it on abuse, bullying, your parents, previous partners or simply the neighbour’s dog if you like…

But long after the physical bite has healed we still tremble at the sound of a bark 🙁

So if we can help you to unblock those emotional blocks, help you to move on, release all that negative stuff once and for all would you give it a try?

Would you dare to set yourself free?

Again, we came across this simple little CD that promises to do just that in 10 minutes… set you free.

Scary thought isn’t it… ha ha ha! No more excuses… ha ha ha!

I tried this little meditation CD out on your behalf 🙂 Boy was I surprised when it released stuff in me from when I was 4 years old.

It has had, and is still having, a profound effect on me. And I thought I was nearly perfick… ha ha ha!!!

So I am sharing this information about this very simple CD technique that just might be exactly what you need right now to clear your fears once and for all.

Both these ‘techniques work for most people. They put your POWER back into your hands and therefore set you free.

The two together though are more than powerful… they can work miracles 🙂

Here’s where you can find the CD for the Ten Minute Cure

Now, just in case you’re getting confused with the similar names here…

The One Minute Cure is about Oxygen Therapy

The Ten Minute Cure is about removing fear

OK, we’ve fixed just about everything today… ha ha ha!

So perhaps you would like to join me in the very English tradition of ‘Riding the Boundary of Berwick’. 🙂

Whilst we were having breakfast at Conundrum Farm on Friday morning 400 riders came through marking the 400th year of Riding the Boundary. Not that we English are territorial or anything… ha ha ha!


Or perhaps you would like to see those illusive daffodils I went hunting for… I filmed them singing on Easter Sunday…


Have a super fantastic Bank Holiday this weekend if you’re in the UK… may the skies stay blue and the sun shine down on you 🙂

Chuffin’ grand…

Judith 🙂

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