“Here’s How You Can Easily, Effortlessly and Permanently Remove Procrastination From Your Life in Just 30 Minutes a Day”!

Isn’t it time you kicked procrastination out of your life once and for all?

Yeah, yeah, I know, I can hear it coming… you’ll get round to it one day 🙂

And that’s the kind of jokey reply I used all the time too – but I don’t use it anymore!


Because it finally got me into trouble!

You see, I was always putting off till tomorrow what I should, and could, have easily done today…

Comforting myself with thoughts like…

  • I’ll do it tomorrow, when I’ve got more time
  • I don’t feel in the mood right now I’ll do it later
  • I’ll just take five and then I’ll come back to it
  • Oh, there’s no rush and anyway I work better under pressure

And anyway, there’s always something far more interesting and worthwhile you just have to do first isn’t there?

Like – texting, emailing, ‘phoning friends, tidying your desk, reading magazines, taking naps, going for long walks, counting paperclips, playing with the cat etc.

Anything at all, in fact, rather than knuckling down and getting on with those truly important and meaningful tasks which you just know you really, really do have to do!

And this is how it always was until that damn letter arrived

I’d procrastinated once too often and now it’d finally caught up with me – I’d been fined for missing the deadline on filing my tax return.

Well, I was incensed, as you can imagine – I huffed and puffed and tried to blame everyone I could think of…

But, at the end of the day, I knew there was nobody else to blame but myself.

I was still rip-roaring angry, of course, but now it was directed at me for letting this happen.

I’d wasted too much time; put it off far too long…

And now I had to pay – in real money too – and it hurt, it really hurt!

But one good thing did come out of all this anger and pain…

It was the final wakeup call I needed to change.

And I used this anger bubbling away inside me at the indignity of it all, to do something I wouldn’t ever normally do…

I took action, right there, right then – and set about developing a system to end my procrastination once and for all.

Here’s what I did…

I brought together three therapies I know work very, very well on their own – Reiki, EFT and meditation – and combined them into one extremely powerful package…

…which changed me from being a total procrastinator to being a dynamic action taker – and I just know it can do the same for you too.

So let’s see what you’ll get in this brand spanking new, cutting-edge package:

  • A wonderful little video where I show you exactly where all the EFT ‘tapping points’ are on your body and exactly how to use them – you’ll become an accomplished ‘tapper’ in just minutes with this
  • A fabulous video where we work together to remove procrastination through a guided EFT tapping sequence – you’ll absolutely love this, as all you do is simply watch me and follow along with everything I do – it’s so quick and easy with almost instant results
  • Another little video where I share with you my ‘mini method’ tapping sequence – you can do this anywhere and everywhere and no-one will ever know you’re even doing it!
  • A beautiful, Reiki meditation with binaural beats to gently and smoothly relax you so your subconscious easily accepts the positive affirmations needed to change you from the procrastinator you are to the dynamic action taker you want to be – and oh yes, you’ll find a fabulous little EFT technique in here too.

And you’ll also get the transcripts of everything said on the meditation, as well as on all the videos, so you’ve got everything written down to read whenever you want.

Now, you may well be wondering what on earth binaural beats are…

So, here’s a quick description…

Imagine sitting on a beach on a quiet summers evening…

…someone’s lit a comforting fire and you’re just lazily staring into the flickering flames.

Deep melodic drum beats start up somewhere and before you know it you’re slowly drifting off into a beautiful, dreamy, trance like state.

Well, that’s the basics of binaural beats…

Your brain has latched onto those measured, rhythmic, drumming sounds, and slowed itself down to match that same frequency…

…taking you into a wonderfully meditative space!

Binaural Beats work like this…

If you play a pure tone of a certain frequency, at say 100 cycles per second, into one ear…

…and play another pure tone of maybe 110 cycles per second into your other ear.

Your brain combines these two tones and creates a pulse or ‘beat’ frequency of 10 cycles per second – the difference between the two tones – and then slows down – or entrains – to match this same frequency…

…taking you quickly and easily into that wonderfully meditative space we all need to find.

And that’s exactly where the meditation you’ll discover in your Releasing Procrastination Package takes you, and, whilst you’re in that space – you’ll also hear, at the most perfect time, some wonderfully positive affirmations…

…to gently guide your subconscious into transforming thoughts of procrastination into powerful statements of action and accomplishment!

Here’s where my unique meditations take another ground-breaking step…

You see, most other meditation CD’s and MP3’s only have affirmations speaking to you as if you’re talking to yourself…

For example the affirmation may say – “I am strong” – which overwrites the idea you may already hold in your subconscious which says “I am weak”

And this is absolutely fine, because saying ‘I am’ is usually the way you speak to yourself so wording the positive affirmations in this same ‘I am’ way works very well.

But what about the things other people have said to you over the years – things which you are now subconsciously believing?

Their statements were always phrased as – “You are”. For example “You are Weak”.

So, how do you change them?

Easy, you listen to ‘You Are’ affirmations such as “You are strong” etc.

Which is why your Releasing Procrastination meditation includes both ‘I Am’ and ‘You Are’ affirmations, to quickly and effectively remove all negative inner statements.

Oh yes, EFT, what on earth is it?

Well, let’s use a quick example: You know how it is when you’ve just had a heated disagreement or argument with someone and lost?

And then, for a few hours, days or even weeks afterwards, whenever you think about the argument again you feel those same, intense, simmering emotions you felt then?

Perhaps they’re feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, inadequacy, impotence, fear or even anger and revenge etc…

But whatever the emotions you’re feeling are, there’s one thing for certain, they’re no good for your health, happiness, peace of mind and wellbeing, are they?

They can somehow make you feel really miserable and emotionally wobbly.

So, this is where EFT comes in.

You see EFT, which means Emotional Freedom Technique, is a very straightforward method for quickly and easily releasing you from those draining, negative emotions and restoring you to the harmony and happiness you prefer.


By simply tapping with your fingers on certain points on your body whilst speaking out the positive feelings you desire!

It couldn’t be easier, it really does work and almost instantly too.

But, as well as helping to remove fears, phobias, stresses and negative emotions it’s also fantastic for helping inspire positive, exciting, uplifting emotions as well…

…and that’s exactly how we use it in our Reiki, EFT and meditation packages.

Okay, so how much does this totally unique package cost?

Well, it’s an absolute gem of an offer…

…especially if you act right now and don’t procrastinate.

You’ll be getting the complete Releasing Procrastination Package for just $37

Here’s what to do right now…

Just click on the big red…

‘Add To Cart’ button and you’ll instantly be taken through to my very secure order page to make your purchase…

It just couldn’t be any easier!

And, as all that I’ve promised you is ready and waiting for you online right now, this minute…

…there’s no waiting for days, or sometimes even weeks, for the postal service to deliver, as nothing comes in the post.

So, you’re literally just moments away from eliminating procrastination once and for all.

Get instant access to the Releasing Procrastination Package now for just $37

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WARNING:This meditation is not suitable for those who experience epilepsy!

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That’s my Personal Promise to You.

Get instant access to the Releasing Procrastination Package now for just $37

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Note: the Releasing Procrastination Package is a digital product. After your payment you gain immediate access.

WARNING:This meditation is not suitable for those who experience epilepsy!