Falling In Love With Reiki

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Falling In Love With Reiki

Q… Sorry it’s taken so long to get in touch but I only use Reiki for self treatment.

I would like to ask for your comments on my experience…

About a week after self attuning, when connecting to my self- treatment, as I moved my hands down my body, from chakra to chakra, my body was covered in tiny vortices of energy.

As my hands travelled down, they followed and also coming up from my feet at the same time, until they met at my base chakra.

They stayed with me until I disconnected.

I just wondered if this was common. I still make a good connection every time but have never had this again.

And my answer…

Often when we start something new, we experience it more sensitively. Then, as we get more used to sensing our energy it appears to feel less.

A bit like falling in love!

But it doesn’t fade, it really becomes more a part of us. It deepens in actuality.

A bit like falling in love and getting married!

Every acupuncture point is an energy vortex and your sweeping down your body with your hands doing Reiki suddenly made you aware of them.

Like stars in the galaxy!

I’ve had some astonishing experiences myself, whilst using Reiki but none are repeated…

…or not as profoundly, at least!

That experience ‘proved’ something to you. It was as real as can be and nothing will shake that feeling from within you.

A bit like falling in love for the first time… ha ha ha!

But each time we fall in love again, it is a different experience because we are different.

You probably won’t experience that sensation again, not as you did the first time, but you will move on to experience deeper, more expanding, more insightful things, as time goes on.

First time experiences are like the thrill of having a love crush… ha ha ha!

Then comes the real thing that feels like a deep understanding of life the universe and all who sail in her…

Oh, stop me please, I’m waxing too lyrical today…

Judith 🙂

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