Fear Or Excitement?

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Fear or excitement?

Fear, worry, anxiety, etc, are all expressions of a survival mechanism that is working overtime.

Life, if you flow with it, will always provide what we need.

So, there really is no need to fret and worry about it πŸ™‚

No need to panic and run about πŸ™‚

Just STOP – be in the NOW moment – don’t resist anything πŸ™‚

Just allow the knowing that all is exactly as it should be, to take the strain away.

But we have become FEARFUL of everything!!!

From peanuts to spiders to mass murderers around every corner!

So, we need to get a grip πŸ™‚

FEAR and EXCITEMENT – are two sides of the same coin!

And YOU can choose which experience you are going to have.

You see, FEAR keeps you on a loop. Round and round you go and the loop gets ever smaller.

So, we need to start trusting ourselves again – and regain our power and freedom!

We need to accept we are the ones making the decisions…

…and the more we TRUST OURSELVES the freer we become.

So you lose your job, you have no money right now to pay the bills or rent, your partner leaves, what will the neighbours think or what will your mother think!!!


Go with the experience and trust the outcome to be perfect.

For there are no accidents – ever!

Just wing it for a while and don’t resist anything.

Make this the most EXCITING ride of your life … ha ha ha!

Now, with trust comes honesty, you have to be very honest with yourself.

Admit it – beneath that anger and indignation is EXCITEMENT!

You can sense β€˜thrilling’ little butterflies in your tummy πŸ™‚

You didn’t like the job; the money trapped you into debt slavery; and, perhaps, your partner was not exactly all you dreamed of.

So let it go… let everything go!

Trust yourself to make decisions that make you smile πŸ™‚

Choose the fun option. Bring back adventure into your life!

And that which is right for YOU, according to you, will drift effortlessly into your life.

If you are reading this then ‘just for today’ you most likely have a roof over your head, some food on the table, and a couple of pennies in your pocket.

And as you begin to trust, things begin to pan out perfectly…

You suddenly feel free, happy, dynamic, confident and beautiful once more – life is EXCITING and vibrant again!

You sense a flowing movement, a connectedness – with no more circles, and then…

Knowing where you’re going isn’t necessary anymore – you just enjoy the delicious spontaneity of the journey πŸ™‚

Bloomin’ marvellous!

Here’s a fun video demonstrating FEAR – quickly followed by FUN, HUMOUR and EXCITEMENT:

It shows us how life often ‘appears’ until we decide to join in with the EXCITEMENT πŸ™‚

Life really is an adventure theme park πŸ™‚

Until next week…

Judith πŸ™‚

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