Finding Your Life’s ‘Theme’


Good morning all,

So often I’m asked the question ‘what is my purpose in life?’ What are you supposed to be doing, what’s your path, your destiny?

Well, life has NO PURPOSE other than that which YOU give it.

So, I tell people to:

Do that which makes YOU smile and laugh – And you’ll KNOW you’re on the right path – For YOU!

But even that can be a bit airy fairy at a time when you want positive, practical advice you can get to grips with!

So, here’s a similar question and my easy to follow solutions 🙂

Q – I would like some advice how I can become more psychic? I am a bit stuck.

There are moments when I have contact and moments it isn’t going well. There is no balance.

Does this mean I can help others or not?

I find it scary and feel insecure to start a practice. And I’m not good enough to start one.

Is this what I should do? Is it my purpose?

And what do I do best, and can I further develop. Is there something I have to work on?

My answer:


You feel drawn to being a psychic and helping others by doing readings of some sort.

And you know that you have a talent hidden in there somewhere but you’re not too sure how to EXPRESS that talent.

So, do this simple exercise to discover or unearth your life’s general theme or plan or path 🙂

Take a huge piece of paper. The back of old wallpaper works well and nail it on the wall.

Then, with a marker pen, write down all the things you CAN DO on the paper.

For women, I always suggest starting with ‘cleaning loos’…ha ha ha! Somehow that seems to be one of our talents from the outset!

But even something as simple as that, can lead to your own cleaning company employing several others!

Always think big and beyond

Ok, some more suggestions: driving, housekeeping, ironing, child care, handyman, car mechanic, car washer, painter and decorator, plug changer, computer whizz, gardener, builder, story teller, cook, dish washer…

Phew! The list is endless, but now stand back…

You can see from your list that you’re actually very multi-talented. But only a few of these things really fire you up or inspire you.

And even fewer would you be happy doing for free, all day long

So, take from your list all those things that you would do for free, because those are the things you should be following up on

Now write down ALL the actual JOBS you’ve done.

Secretary, miner, policeman, doctor, president, road sweeper, cook, teacher, whatever!

Stand back again…

You can see from your list that you’ve gravitated to ‘certain’ types of jobs or that some jobs contained an ‘element’ of your more favourite things to do. (Look at your ‘do for free list’ for favourite things clues!)

For example, I got a job as a chauffeuse the day after passing my driving test. I was only 18, wanted some temporary work and the chap I drove for had just had a hernia operation and felt safer with a semi-trained nurse around rather than a skilled driver

So, look at your JOBS list again.

These are like the chapters in your Life Themes Book 🙂

When I look at my list there’s always a reflection of helping and healing somewhere. When I was younger, it showed in my more practical general nursing abilities, but now it comes from sharing my wisdom with words and doing Tarot readings.

Now I know the person who asked this question, and I know they’re a talented painter and artist.

And I expect that painting and drawing has always featured and been reflected in everything somewhere and somehow on their jobs list…

So, my natural response, to gaining confidence in helping others, while feeling grounded and sure within yourself, is to give ‘psychic art’ a go

Make it playful and fun 🙂

Perhaps practice with some children first – draw some doodle patterns and get them to ‘see’ things in the pattern and then colour them in.

Perhaps do a psychic art demo at the local library on a Saturday morning.

Build your own confidence at being psychic and doing readings for others, by combining it with something that comes naturally to you.

I was told from an early age by so many people that I was psychic. But no-one ever told me what that actually meant or how to use it!

You have to find your own knack or trick or aide that sets you off and connects you to your inner voice.

For me it was the Tarot cards. I saw things in them that others didn’t. They spoke to me in pictures

Perhaps for this person, creating the picture literally in the moment, is how to connect to your inner psychic voice.

So, you’ve seen how multi-talented you are.

And you’ve seen the chapters, via jobs done, that you’ve created in your Life Themes Book.

Now stand back again. Really stand back…

And you’ll notice a general OVERALL theme that runs through everything you’ve ever done.

That’s the Title Of Your Life Theme Book 🙂

That’s your hidden agenda, hidden skill, main path in life, your you given purpose.

You’ll also see it’s the thing, ability, talent, skill, that gives you the most pleasure and that you’d HAPPILY do all day for free 🙂

And that’s your God given talent that will bring you success, financial rewards and make your life a joy to live 🙂

So now, when I say:

Do what you love, love what you do, and the world will come to you – You’ll know what I mean 🙂

When you learn to read the Tarot, then you can relax and actually read anything – from tea leaves to coffee grounds. Palms to paintings, crystals to colours!

Just play with what feels fun and interests YOU. Then you can speak with confidence about something you really know about and it’ll naturally come from your heart

But remember, all this means diddly squat if you don’t have the courage to jump in!

And remember, that’s where giving yourself some calming and reassuring Chikara-Reiki-Do beforehand comes in so handy 🙂

When you feel calm and relaxed, you also feel confident and courageous…

So, go for it – whatever IT turns out to be!

The thing that makes you smile when you think about doing IT… 🙂

The planets are aligned, it’s written in the stars, the cards give you permission 🙂


Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂


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