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This week’s question: Which is totally Unedited – getting used to Reiki…

Q… i would like to share my experience.

yesterday, i have done healing other one of friend of mine, for the first time.

i have big question mark on my head…why did she feel vomited when i put my hands on her solar plexus? and she feel very hot on tail bone area?

and i did also to another friend, healing other. she said i could not breath when i put my hand on ocipital, she said she wants to scream.

and i feel very strange also when i put my hands on her abdomen.

i feel very weak and i feel my body sweaty and my feet shaking and i try to control my breath. it was back normal agan.

is it normal happen?


And my answer:

A… Actually what you experienced is not unusual. It can just take some getting used to.

I would suggest you use your Reiki on yourself more often and definitely on a regular basis.

The more balanced you are, the less likely you will feel unbalanced by events.

Now, when sharing energy around the solar plexus area, your gathering centre, it can make you or the person you are working on, feel sick quite easily…

Just as receiving a shock can do the same or using a laptop computer literally on your lap.

The energy can swirl around and feel like travel sickness. 🙁

And perhaps the energy sank to her bottom because she has a problem in that area.

But remember, you don’t need to know the whys or wherefores, of any complaint – just share your Reiki energy.

Why your other friend wanted to scream when you touched her, I don’t know. But how nice it would have been if she felt safe enough to actually release that scream out loud 🙂

The funny feeling in her tummy just reflects the turmoil going on in her thoughts…

But, trust your gut feelings on this.
You see, you know she hides her emotions and you almost brought them out into the open.

Then, all this repressed energy wobbled your energy too, causing you to sweat and shake.

And, sometimes it can make you need the loo in a hurry as well.

But don’t worry 🙂

The more you use your Reiki, the more balanced you will become and then these wobbly episodes will begin to diminish.

And remember to just be playful with your Reiki and with life’s foibles too 🙂

Nothing lasts forever… and certainly not my Sunday lunch…ha ha ha!

Roll on next Sunday…

Judith 🙂

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