Giving Reiki Before Surgery

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Giving Reiki before surgery

Q…In your last Sunday Chat you mentioned giving Reiki before surgery and after surgery. When my son recently went into hospital for a hernia operation I sent Reiki by distance while he was being operated on. Was this the wrong thing to do?

And my answer…

You don’t even have to ask this question really do you, as you already know the answer don’t you?

You sent Reiki and deeply connected with your son while he was in a vulnerable position. You used your Reiki to stand guard and sent him support, love and healing.

And I bet he recovered better than most too 🙂

Never question your Mother’s instincts. You know it was the right thing to do. The more Reiki the better – for anyone when they are in a vulnerable state.

Perfect… that’s what Mum’s are for 🙂

And another quickie…

Q… In your experience with Reiki do you feel that one form of Reiki is better for one practitioner and another form better for another practitioner?

And my answer…

A… Yes 🙂

The best type or form of Reiki is simply the one which WORKS for you.

You might find rainbow Reiki great and Karuna awful or Ganji Reiki brilliant and Usui too plain…

(And please don’t ask me what all the differences are because I don’t know, and I’m happy with our variation!)

Just remember, ALWAYS REMEMBER, whatever the symbols or rituals in whatever the form of Reiki you are using…

YOU are the source of the power behind it all.

So just like you would pick a pair of shoes or a car, try each Reiki format out and see which sits the most comfortably with you.

Because, the Reiki system which is most comfortable for you, will, more than likely, work best for YOU.

Trust what you are drawn to…

Now, I’m being drawn to the smell of a roast beef lunch right now, so have a great weekend and I’ll catch you all again next week…


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