Good Grief!



Good mornin’ all,

Today is Remembrance Sunday here in the UK so this Sunday Chat is very on topic, as they say…

We feel a sense of grief if we perceive we’ve lost something.

Something or someone is felt to be lacking in our lives…

Once it was here and now it’s gone. But has it?

Where can energy go if there really is only One Energy?

I’ve come to the conclusion that what happens in the grief period, is that WE have to allow ourselves to re-blend again. 🙂

I often talk about blending energies with people and how the perceived apparent boundaries disappear.

Take the passing of Mr Po, our much loved cat…

The illusion that Mr Po was separate had to dissolve and then we could all blend and absorb into each other again.

There is only One Energy – and it’s ME that had to expand, by absorbing him into my whole again.

But I had to do it consciously…

It’s as if he was a ‘projection’ of my thoughts outwards and now he’s a thought inside my head, not outside…

Mr Po still leaves ‘signs’ everywhere, even after 6 years!

We’re together in the truest sense 🙂

So, can Reiki be used to cope with grief generally?

YES! 🙂

Q – It’s been a few months since my hubby passed away, and I’m getting worse with time… 🙁

A – It’s easy for me to talk about grief when I’m not experiencing it at the moment.

I’m detached and can sense and feel the bigger picture. But this is the time of blending…

When you do meld with each other totally.

Just as you hear people speak of so and so becoming more and more like their Mum or Dad! They seem to take on certain characteristics without realising 🙂

Yes, Reiki is excellent for grief.

It allows you to love and care for yourself while it gently opens your heart for your hubby to enter.

It creates that quiet, still centre, for both of you 🙂

Simply using Reiki on yourself and for yourself, each morning will help to calm and steady your emotions.

It brings a sense openness and clarity to your thoughts.

You see, grief is literally an ‘all about me’ emotional experience! 🙂


Perhaps going to a Reiki practitioner for a few treatments to start with, especially if you feel so down at the moment, would work best.

It can be hard to ‘do for ourselves’ at such times.

Once you can feel that sense of stillness inside, then you can ask for signs that all is right and that your hubby is ready to blend too.

Signs can be anything from sounds, smells, animals around you, notice boards at the bus stop or even TV adverts!!!

A sign is ANYTHING that means something to YOU. 🙂

Please don’t ‘try’ to be better – simply allow and be still.

Allow yourself to slip into feeling ‘worse’ first.

Treat yourself to days in bed and weeping buckets – for as long as you want or feel the need 🙂

Feel sorry for yourself and angry with your husband! 🙂

Wallow in your grief completely.

Be in it totally. 🙂

Be the very ‘worst’ you can be… because it always gets worse before it can start to get better 🙁

Only then, will you be able to move forward 🙂

So today, we not only remember them – we remember we are them.

We truly do carry them in our hearts 🙂

Thank you all…

Judith 🙂



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