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Good mornin’ all,

I’ve combined several handy questions here, so you can get the gist of my replies as they might apply to your experience 🙂

Q – Since doing my Chikara-Reiki-Do self attunement, although my hands are normally very warm, now the centre area of my palms is really roasting, particularly the left. They also tingle.
I experience quite an intense heat going in and out through the top of my head, PHEW incredible. Even to touch it’s quite hot.

I’ve never had my head feeling like this!

Is this normal?

A – Well, yes! It’s ‘normal’ for YOU 🙂

When you first experience your own flow of Reiki energy it can often be a rush or gush or there may simply be lots of it 🙂

I would suggest you use your Reiki, as often as possible, on yourself first, to steady and ease into the flow.

And remember to drink plenty of Reiki charged water too. 🙂

Your nervous system requires more water to smooth the synapses as they happen – water conducts the electrical jump. That’s a bit techy sounding but it’s actually what’s happening 🙂

Also, try visualising the energy flowing happily in you and through you and out through your feet into the ground.

But don’t worry, your energy will eventually settle down.

Simply enjoy its vim and vigour for now. 🙂

Here’s another handy tip:

Q – Does one hand have more energy than the other when giving Reiki?

A – I’d like to say definitely yes – but that’s because for me, it ‘seems’ that it’s true.

I tend to be more ‘active’ with my right hand for scanning, sensing, giving or running the energy and much more ‘supportive’ with my left hand.

So perhaps it would be better to say – not that one hand had more energy than the other – but simply that you tend to favour one hand over the other for doing certain things.

Just as I prefer to write with my right hand and steady the paper with my left, I lead any Reiki action with my right hand and steady or support the proceedings with my left.

But as always, do that which ‘feels’ right for you, at that moment in time 🙂

Who knew hands were so versatile? 🙂

Q – Since my self-attunement I’ve felt calmer and get a tingling in my head from the top down to about nose level, but I don’t feel any heat in my hands, as others claim to get, which I really want to feel! Any tips on how to achieve this, please?

A – We always want what someone else has, don’t we! 🙂

But the proof of YOUR pudding is that you have the joy of sensing something all of your own 🙂

Heat is more common than tingling, as a sensation, so I bet if you asked a ‘heat’ person what they’d like to sense about their Reiki flowing, they’d probably say:

‘I’d love to feel tingling somewhere’ 🙂

You see, it is what it is – exclusively to you.

You’re a tingle (if there is such a word) …

BUT… if you want to try the heat experience, then simply rub your hands together, as if they’re cold and then give 3 big claps.

Just like the Karate Kid movie. 🙂

This’ll generate chi/ki in your hands and you’ll most likely sense the heat.

You could also try swinging your arms around and around like a windmill, to force the chi down into your hands. Your hands will begin to feel congested and full.

It’s known as packing your chi in martial arts circles.

Then give a Reiki session and see how your hands feel 🙂

You’ll really pack a punch!

As long as you don’t knock ’em dead…ha ha ha!

And one more for the pot!

Q – Is it possible that the master attunement can quickly take effect?

Although I have noticed some increased ‘insight’ since taking other levels previously, I was pretty knocked out yesterday at immediate insights into longstanding situations.

A – In truth, there’s only this one moment in time, the NOW moment.

So in truth, everything happens in an instant. 🙂

Like the actor who waits tables for 10 years and then becomes an overnight success

Just watch and observe 🙂

But above all trust yourself and the insights you’re having.

I know I’m always asking people to TRUST themselves but few do.

And it’s at the heart of increasing and expanding your intuition or insight.

No matter how small the whisper or how transient the thought, go with it.

The more you do – the better and more accurate you’ll become. 🙂

Using your Reiki every day on yourself will allow you to enter that space where you can sense things more easily.

It will calm and centre you.

Just being the calm and confident, centred observer, will give you an overall, bigger, expanded, insight.

Doing our unique self attunement process is also a perfect way to instil that depth of serenity, confidence and trust, created by using Reiki.

Use it regularly as a meditation and it’ll work its magic!


Judith 🙂


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