Reiki and a Tear in My Retina

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Reiki and a Tear in My Retina

Q… I always look forward to the Sunday chats 🙂

Last year I had a hole or tear in my retina too. I went through all the tests and scans – even had a printout of the scanned image of the hole/tear.

Was then told that an operation was needed to mend the hole/tear and after, would have to keep my head down for 23 hours of the day for however many weeks it would take to mend. 🙁

Anyway, I went home to wait for a date to be arranged for the op. In the meantime, I took Lutein as it is recommended to help with the health of the macula.

Also, I looked at the scanned image of the hole/tear and visualized it repairing.

When I went back, to see the eye doctor, I don’t know who was more surprised and happy, him or me, because after another scan, it showed the hole/tear had healed. 🙂

I’m with you on the belief being in yourself and my saying is…

“How dare they say it won’t get better as I will decide what happens”.

Give my best wishes to the lady/gent for a good recovery.

And another related email/question…

Q… Thank you Judith for the Sunday chat. I have a problem similar to the eye problem discussed during the Chat.

I am suffering from GLAUCOMA and my doctor says that my eyes shall never recover from it. So I have been prescribed for life, AZOPT and XALATAN eye drops to be taken daily…

…But deep inside me I feel that my eye problem can be cured.


Thank you so much Judith and happy Sunday to you.

And my answer…

A… Many, many times I have said… you do not need to ever treat the ‘illness or condition’ with Reiki.

You simply share the Reiki energy with yourself or with another.

When you give yourself a self treatment it is like immersing yourself in a deep bath of loving, healing, Reiki bliss. 🙂

And this time out for self loving will also turn out to be self healing too.

You see, when we become personally involved or attached to a particular outcome, then the situation becomes all about US and how we feel.

But every situation is there for you to express and understand more about who you are and who you want to be.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

Q… Please treat this as very, very, very urgent. I am healing a 4 month old baby in New Delhi. A boy named Sarthak. He had severe chest congestion and cold and was fighting to live. Now after the healing sessions he has come out of the ICU but now he is breathing fast.

He has some infection left on the right lung and he has a kidney not working by birth and the other one has started forming cysts, though he can survive with a kidney stone it will be difficult.

I have been healing him for a week and he has shown very, very good progress but now he is breathing fast … why? Is something bad going to happen to him? I know Reiki is reaching him I can feel the healing flowing out of my hands and he came out of the ICU too… but now he breathing fast and back to the ICU….

Please guide me. What should I do and what crystals or grid I could use to save this little one.

And my reply…

Stop trying to ‘save’ this baby. Whatever the outcome, it is the right outcome for all concerned.

Including YOU…

You are assuming it’s your personal success if he recovers and your personal failure if he dies. But he might have been born so his parents could experience losing a child?

Who knows?

You are simply an energy sharer, or giver. DO NOT JUDGE!

When kidneys fail you get portal hypertension and that in turn backs up to the heart, which in turn has to pump harder, which in turn makes breathing more difficult.

Does that help? No!

Only share your loving Reiki energy and what will be will be.

You did your best and you did what your heart guided you to do – and that’s quite wonderful…

You can do no more.

Whatever the outcome – it will be truly perfect for all concerned.

At the moment, when YOU are trying to influence the outcome, it is only your ego wanting a particular event to happen so YOU feel good or look good.

It is not up to you to ‘save this little one’. It is up to you to support this little one in whatever he decides to do with his own life.

Either now or in the future 🙂

In the meantime, do a daily Reiki session on yourself to keep you steadfast and true, as this will play havoc with your emotions.

Be his rock.

The rest will take care of itself…

And if anyone else has some spare Reiki energy to send this baby then please do as this is happening now, today.

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Learning the Tarot couldn’t be easier and I think you will love what we have done…

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Judith 🙂

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