Has Your Reiki Flow Become Blocked

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Has your Reiki flow become blocked

Q…Hi Judith

You are doing good work. I’m still struggling with getting the energy to run, even though I’m a Reiki Master.

I’m blocked somewhere. Any pointers on how to get my energy unstuck?

Thanks for any help. Keep up the good work.

And my answer:

A… People talk of the Reiki energy as ‘flowing through them’.

They talk of being channels and light-beings etc.

But what is the Reiki flow and how can Reiki become blocked? What actually happens that gives us this sensation of ‘energy moving’?

Well, first we have to understand… There really is only ONE energy… It is YOU and YOU are it… You are everything and everything is you…

Therefore… you are Reiki and Reiki is you. There is no separation, duality or two of anything, really.

There is only YOU…

EVERYTHING is a demonstration or manifestation of this One Energy, and the ritual Reiki attunement serves only to awaken you to this fact.

For you see, Reiki is a tool to use, demonstrate and feel this energy… inside and out.

But YOU are the power… YOU are the source of this energy.

And when we consciously use the Reiki energy in a focussed way to heal ourselves or others we can often feel or sense, this ‘flow’ of energy.

It literally ‘feels’ like it’s flowing.

Our hands respond by becoming hot, cold or tingling etc. Our blood pressure may rise slightly or we may attract more static.

Some people may see the flow as colours fluctuating in the aura of the person, or even feel a draught in the room. 🙂

But however your senses ‘sense it’ – you have a deeper KNOWING that it’s happening.

So what happens when this ‘flow’ apparently stops?

Well, most people would describe it as a ‘block’ in the energy flow… just as a writer has writers block, healers often get healers block so to speak… ha ha ha!

And just like a writer, the more you stress and worry about it, the more blocked you appear become.

But remember, your energy is flowing, simply a little more slowly or subtly than before.

Perhaps you are feeling emotional about a relationship or situation around you?

Perhaps you are not feeling fit as a fiddle yourself or perhaps you have an injury?

Perhaps the weather is inclement and not suited to your energy type?

So, what can you do about it, besides relaxing and chilling?

Well, first we need to look at giving and receiving again. Not just in a healing way, but in all areas of your life, work, finances and relationships etc.

Then we need to look outside of ourselves and all around us. Both near to us and in our wider environment.

If the outer reflects the inner, then what are our life events and experiences telling us right now? And yes, I know you know all this, but do you really have a deep KNOWINGNESS about it?

Do you ‘grok’ the fullness completely, as it were? For there is only one energy – really, truly, honestly.

And it is ALL YOU – ONLY YOU.

There is nothing at all, outside of you. You create it all, and project it outwardly. Each set of experiences you create, generates a feeling within you.

And each feeling generates an emotion – energy in motion.

So, we need to look at how this block makes you ‘feel’.

Do you feel angry and irritable? What an inconvenience – especially if you earn a living by healing… ha ha ha!

Do you feel useless? Do you feel not good enough? Or, not as good as some super healer you know of?

And we’ve all been told about so-and-so’s miracle cures, just when we doubt ourselves!

Or, perhaps you feel ‘powerless’ in more ways than one?

But I think the big one, is the feeling of being out of control. Not being able to control events, your body, your thoughts your life etc. And do you know what?

It’s okay!

It’s okay for a while, to rest, relax and coast along… To watch, observe and take stock of yourself. To slow down and catch up with yourself…

Slow down and see where you are heading.

Slow down and have some fun. 🙂

Slow down – do nothing and all will be done. 🙂

Slow down and FEEL which e-motion is beginning to surface – as it bubbles up inside, you will sense the flow and movement.

You will sense a shift…

…as you sense an unblocking of your channels!

You will feel as if you’ve released something or let go…

But in letting go and releasing, instead of shrinking, you feel expanded – more connected.

In letting go of a part, you become more whole.

So forget all those other unique expressions of you, for a moment, and simply concentrate on yourself.

Love yourself enough…

Honour yourself enough…

Respect yourself enough…

And the rest will all flow into place – effortlessly and gracefully…

At the right time in the right way, that is perfect for you.

Because YOU create it all.

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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