Having Reiki Doubts

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Q. Having Reiki Doubts

I am having a hard time believing this will work for me.

How will it change my life? Will I have to believe in it for it to work on me? I really need the help and wisdom.

I tried many many products out there, but i’m still here look, as those didn’t bring me the result i am looking for. I want to take control of my life and manifest abundance of money, good health and good fortune.


And my answer:

A… Much as I would like to say ‘Yes, this is it’ I would be doing you a disservice, because I don’t know how you think.

You see, attuning yourself to Reiki Master is just the beginning…

It is not the be all and end all!

It’s the first step on a continuing pathway to understanding who it is you truly are.

And this takes time.

I believe that the right remedy will turn up at exactly the right time for whatever our need is. Sometimes one thing then leads on to another. Sometimes we meet one person who introduces us to another person and so the journey continues.

And, without all those past apparent ‘failures’ you would not be right here right now, willing to try Chikara Reiki Do!

But as you are feeling quite angry and disempowered at the moment, might I suggest the old Chinese proverb of:

‘Do nothing and all will be done’… 🙂

Because, sometimes we just have to back off from life, the universe and have what I call an ‘oh bugger it’ moment… ha ha ha!

Just shut the front door and turn off the phone, chill for a moment and get your composure back.

Life will still be sailing along perfectly without you and when you feel refreshed and relaxed again you can jump right back in.

But, take the time to reflect on what it is you really do want from your life. Take that anger and channel it into something creative that will make the changes needed to your current circumstances.

Do not think about, or give any of your attention to, what you do not want – because you will only attract more of it into your experience.

Only think about, and give your attention to, what you DO want – then relax and allow these things to gently flow into your reality.

Don’t offer any resistance to this happening – by worrying about it not materializing quickly enough…

Don’t be anxious, don’t be fearful – just relax and know, with excited expectancy, that all that you want is unerringly on its way to you.

Thinking about and focussing on being poor, not being abundant, not being who you want to be will simply give you more of what you say you don’t want, simply because you are focussing on the lack of it.

So I say again – see what it is you do want to have and just walk, slowly and purposefully towards that end. And each ‘end’ you come to, then becomes a new path to the next end, and so on 🙂

But also know that when the chips are down, when you feel so down and at the bottom, then the only place to go, is UP 🙂


Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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