Healing a Specific Illness


Good mornin’ all

“Please Wait…” Sound familiar?

It’s funny isn’t it, but in an age where everything is supposed to happen quicker than the speed of light…

…how come all you ever seem to get is that now notorious ‘Please Wait’ symbol whenever you’re trying to do something?

On the phone – Please wait, we’re trying to connect you.

On the TV – Please wait, we’re updating.

On gadgets – Please wait, loading!

And whatever happened to simply, switching off by turning the big knob?

Don’t answer that!

Call me old fashioned – people often do – but I’m tired of constantly being told to wait…

And we’re a nation known for our queuing ability!

Hey-ho there we go! Best not get me started!

And I won’t mention being warned by Facebook for saying ‘hey ho’. Apparently, it’s not the done thing…

Better have this week’s question:

Q – I thought that Reiki could be used to deal with individual health issues, but you seem to indicate this is not correct.

And my answer:

A – I’ve been saying the same thing for well over 20 years now!

There is no correct or incorrect way of ‘doing’ Reiki, only your way – the way which works for you.

Reiki is your energy and ‘doing Reiki’ is your personal way of expressing it.

The Reiki rituals and symbols are simply there as a guide and structure to help you in the beginning.

Yes of course, you can focus on a specific ailment if you wish but that’s only an outer physical manifestation of an inner emotional problem.

Fixing the physical illness alone, will not fix the real underlying cause of it.

You may simply find you allow more physical problems to manifest, until the emotional cause is dealt with.

This is an overly simplistic view, of course…

The rabbit hole generally goes a lot deeper

But EVERYTHING you encounter, including illnesses – either yours or someone else’s – is an ‘experience’ designed uniquely and individually for you, BY YOU.

And it’s up to each of us how we choose to ‘come at things’…

Whichever way works for you, is right for you.

But no matter what label is given to the ‘experience’, it generally boils down to the causative factors of fear and a lack of self-love

So, find your fear and then love it and yourself better, by using Reiki 🙂

Have an exceptionally powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂

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