Health Benefits of Reiki

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Health Benefits of Reiki

Q… What sort of bottom line, describable health benefits should I be anticipating out of this Reiki course and how do I maximize my experience.

A… Unfortunately, I cannot make any claims about anything these days, as it is ‘illegal’ to do so (not unlawful by the way, which is a different thing altogether if only most people knew it!) 🙂

However, I probably can say Reiki can do all the things other people claim it does, and they may tell you it cures everything from cancer to growing your hair back… ha ha ha!

Now, this is not because it is a miracle remedy but because it helps you to understand that somewhere along the line you have created ‘the all of it’, and that includes what ails you right now.

Therefore, you can consciously create something better or different – if you so choose.

So it may well help you to cure your diabetes simply by helping you to understand why it is you deny yourself the ‘sweet things in life’… or something along those lines, if you get my drift 🙂

Q… How much of my own energy do I need and/or can get by with, and how much external do I need through the Reiki lady?

A… You are the All of It and can tap into your never ending supply of Universal Life Force Energy. So I think you will always have enough there 🙂

But support from another is great to help keep you positive until you can fly on your own, so to speak 🙂

Q… The Reiki lady did promise me that she wasn’t giving me her own energy, but was channelling it.

A… Well, that is a yes and no answer… For there is only ONE energy…

So I would simply describe it as more of a blending, shifting or sharing of the One energy that occurs.

Once you grok the fullness of the ONE energy, you will see life differently.

You are the Reiki energy and it is you. The rituals and symbols are simply tools to harness and utilise this ONE energy.

And another quick question…

Q… I am 62 years old, and I have copd. I am on oxygen 24/7.
For the most part, I’m in good health… but can’t breathe 🙂 My question is… do you think Reiki can help me, help myself?

And my answer…

A… I’m not sure ‘in good health and can’t breathe’ belong in the same sentence 🙂

But yes, Reiki most definitely will help – however, as with all ‘remedies’ proof of the pudding is in the eating.

And, just like a doctor will say… ‘try these pills for a fortnight and see what happens’… so it is with Reiki.

Really, you can only give it a go and see what works for you.

Judith 🙂

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