Helping Animals with Reiki…


Hi, I ‘m Judith Conroy of Chikara-reiki-do and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question…

I am honestly being drawn to Reiki to help animals and feel strongly about this. How will I learn to help animals heal? Thank you.


Once you feel comfortable and confident with using your Reiki energy on, and for yourself, you can then adapt it to use on others…

…be that animals or other people.

You simply adapt your session for the animal you are treating or, as you would for a child or a baby.

Just remember, Reiki is not difficult to learn or use unless of course you choose to make it so.

If an elephant has a headache, then using distant Reiki and beaming it across the enclosure, maybe easier than standing on a big stool.

And if a dog has a painful area at one end and sharp teeth at the other, then again, distant Reiki across the room might be better than touching, for the present moment.

Or, you could consider giving a session using a surrogate such as a teddy bear.

Meanwhile, you might find every stray cat in the neighborhood is drawn to you like wasps to a jam pot as they seem unable to resist being given Reiki by touch.

Not sure about lions, mind you.

Generally speaking, we love to stroke and massage animals and, in the main, they seem to respond positively to that kind of touch.

So, stroking an animal whilst giving Reiki, feels good to them and you can adapt any of the hand positions and also adapt whatever it is you do according to how the animal moves and behaves.

Just trust what you sense they will want you to do, and then do it.

Move your hands where you feel they should go and stop when you sense the session has ended.

Don’t carry on just because the owner has paid for an hour session, or you may end up with an animal turning on you because they have had enough.

I can’t say it enough, so I’ll say it again.

Trust, trust, trust yourself and the animal to know what is right.

Okay, perhaps one more little tip before using Reiki, on an animal.

You must remain calm and confident at all times.

Steadying your own energy first, by using Reiki on yourself, before approaching the animal, is a very good idea.

If you become unsettled, then an animal will pick up on this immediately and might in turn become unsettled in an aggressive manner.

So, whilst they are feeling vulnerable, you must be their calm leader…

…mushy sympathy to an animal is a sign of weakness.

Be calm and reassuring instead.

Enough, you get the picture, I hope.

Thanks for listening.

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