How Can I Unblock My Reiki Flow?

OK, this week’s question follows on nicely from last week’s Sunday Chat: How can I unblock my Reiki Flow

Q… How can I unblock my Reiki flow? It seems to be blocked. I need to get it unblocked by Monday 19th August 2012. I use my Reiki on a daily basis and I have clients that depend on me being a channel for this energy – what can i do or what should i do? thank you.

And my answer:

A… I’d be feeling blocked too, with the amount of pressure and stress that leaps out of this email!

Notice how your I’s have gone smaller…

You seem to have put yourself under an enormous amount of pressure to ‘perform’. And if you need to perform on demand then you know what will happen!

Might I gently suggest that you stop trying to ‘do’ Reiki and practice simply ‘being’ Reiki.

By this I mean, don’t ‘do’ Reiki sessions, simply ‘be’ there and share your energy.

Relax and smile. 🙂

Then TRUST the outcome to ‘be’ perfect for all concerned.

Sometimes the less YOU DO, the more happens!

By all means go through the motions of a Reiki session with your clients but stop trying to produce a certain outcome.

Just relax and ‘be’ there. If you’re there, then so is your Reiki energy. 🙂

What your client needs, they will pull from you, if necessary. Like osmosis. 🙂

Just blend together. 🙂

So instead of you trying to push your Reiki out and trying to make it work, allow the client to draw from you all that they need to regain their balance and harmony.

Imagine you are simply giving them a huge, comforting Reiki hug. 🙂

Phew! That feels so much more relaxed and easy to accomplish. 🙂

And that leaves me plenty of time to enjoy my Sunday roast! … ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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