How Do I Protect Myself with Reiki?



Good mornin’ all

As I’m a ‘psychic’ I thought I’d give you all a prod with this question!

It’s the old age question of ‘how do I protect myself?’ 🙂

For example…

Q – I had a very strong feeling that recently, I was the subject of a psychic attack. This happened spontaneously and came completely out of the blue.

I suddenly felt sick and icy cold. Wave after wave of ice cold energy swept over me. I felt chilled to the core. I had stomach pains and was sick several times.

Even now, several days later I don’t feel back to normal. I’ve never felt like that before and it was quite unnerving. I’ve been doing Reiki on myself every day since then.

I’m instinctively certain this was not a regular stomach bug.

Is there anything you can suggest if this happens again?

A – Spooky but there are no accidents EVER.

And intuitively you sensed that this energy shift was not ‘yours’ so to speak.

But, again, there are NO accidents EVER 🙂

Whenever anything happens in your life, especially something dramatic, you need to stand back and take a look at the bigger picture.

It could simply be someone in the room had a virus and your body ‘expelled’ it vigorously and immediately!

It could be that someone around you, either there at that time, or lately, has been ‘feeding you’ information to which you don’t wholeheartedly agree with.

Or it might have been a spirit or energy that saw an opportunity to have a little fun whilst your attention was temporarily occupied elsewhere 🙂

And if this was so, may I remind you, that there’s only ONE ENERGY – ONE CONSCIOUSNESS 🙂

It is you and you are it 🙂

You’re just doing a ‘boo’ on yourself 🙂

Spooky 🙂

And it doesn’t matter whether this is expressed as a rogue ‘spirit’, the Arch Angel Gabriel or a microscopic organism – it’s still just a part of you! 🙂

Spookier! 🙂

It’s only you creating or allowing an experience, in the moment.

So all you have to do is ask yourself what it is:

Boo! – and notice how you FEEL…

Boo! – What’re you bringing to your attention?

Boo! – What’re you telling yourself?

Boo! – What does this experience mean to YOU?

Boo who? – That’s where YOUR intuitive feelings will really be of help.

Then TRUST them implicitly 🙂

But a practical instant remedy is good too, especially if you feel poorly, so try this:

The Reiki Bomb or Hand Grenade 🙂

This is like an instant cure 🙂

Yes I did use the word cure in public and I for one, still believe in the freedom of MY speech!

Mind you, bomb and grenade will probably cause a flutter through the ethers too… ha ha ha! 🙂

Anyway, feel this grenade or bomb inside you – then pull the pin.

Feel the energy begin to build within you as it nears the point of explosion 🙂

Let it build – wait for it, wait for it – build it, build it…

Then let it go off inside you like an extremely powerful rising burp! 🙂

You know the ones I mean 🙂

Like after swigging a big glass of fizzy coke or fizzy water 🙂

Imagine all the bubbles powerfully burping outwards through your whole being – tickling, teasing and pushing out any negative energy 🙂

And SMILE while you do this 🙂

Notice I’ve said ‘your being’ not just your body.

This is a clean all burp. 🙂

It works systemically throughout your mind, body and spirit.

It lifts your spirit and makes you giggle 🙂

Job done! Sorted 🙂

In fact, literally gulping down some fizzy water and then actually burping is an excellent way to alleviate the nausea too 🙂

Of course, you can do some high fallutin’ ritual if that works for you – but I find a quick ‘kick up the pants’ of any situation puts YOU back in CHARGE.

YOU are the power, YOU are the all of it 🙂

Spooky bits an’ all. It’s just you havin’ a lark with yourself 🙂

You can be such a trickster at times…

Have a great weekend,

Judith 🙂



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