How Exactly Do You Write the Reiki Symbols?


Good mornin’ all…

Have you noticed a certain silent stillness in the air recently?

Like a day when there’s not even a whisper of a breeze…

So, who am I to create waves? 🙂

I’m simply going to move into that silent stillness and watch.

“Do nothing and all will be done” 🙂

I’m trusting myself, The Universe and all who sail in her… 🙂

But while I’m sat quietly, simply sensing things, have YOU ever pondered upon this question?…

How exactly do you write the Reiki Symbols?

For the Reiki symbols are just that… symbols 🙂

They have no power of their own.

The only power they have, is that which YOU give them.

So, the symbol becomes more imbued with a sense of power, when more people ‘assign it’ that sense of power.

Just as we’d all reach for the garlic if we met a vampire. We imbue the garlic with a certain protective power. 🙂

The Reiki symbols are symbolic to Reiki and their specific uses, because so many of us say so.

We’ve imbued these symbols with their apparent power.

The more of us that believe this, the more synonymous with that energy each symbol becomes.

Okay, so now to the question of: how exactly, do you write the Reiki Symbols?

Well, writing the symbols is like signing your name. 🙂

Each time it comes out a little different, especially if someone’s watching! 🙂

Also, we each have our own way of writing – totally unique to us.

If I write Judith and you write Judith, everyone, including the universe, knows what you mean and can read it, but it’ll be written in a way unique to each of us.

Even a doctors writing can be deciphered by The Universe. 🙂

Even Judith written in Welsh can be understood by The Universe! 🙂

If you get my drift…

The symbol is a tool for focussing your attention and intention.

You can forget to cross a ‘T’ and it’ll still work.

You can mess it up and pretend to rub it out and do it again.

You can imagine doing it in pencil, so you can do that or do it in permanent ink forever!

The point is, the only point is, as long as you can write out the symbol, as best you can to start with, that’s fine.

Get it as good and as perfect as you can.

But then let your own essence, your own flair, your own ‘signature’ shine through.

The only time it needs to be as perfect as possible, is when you pass it on and share it with others.

The rest of the time it is yours to play with.

Trust me… you can be as artistic as you like… Times Roman, capitals, beautiful calligraphy…

It’s your intention that counts.

Just as you can say the names with a French accent, Chinese accent, Indian accent, Scottish accent, Texan drawl or a plain old English accent!

A rose is but a rose by any other name…

That’s my thoughts on the subject – it works for me and it’ll work for you too.

Now, I shall sit still and be silent for a while, after all, it is Sunday 🙂

Have a powerful, Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂


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