How Long Should Reiki Hand Positions be Held?


Hi, I’m Judith from Chikara-Reiki-Do, and I’m answering your questions on Reiki.

So, question:

When I use Reiki on my patients, how long should I hold the hand positions?

Also, does it hurt to do the attunement more than once?


Trust your intuition – but as a general guide, in the beginning, place your hands in each of the 12 hand positions for about three to five minutes per position.

This will also give you a rough idea of how long your Reiki session will take.

But do listen to your hands and let them move when they want to.

If you do one minute here and six minutes there, that is fine as well.

The hand positions are simply a beginner’s guide.

And eventually you will do it all by intuition and not need them at all.

Our hand positions, video package and PDF file, will show you how to use the hand positions on yourself and show you how to do a full Reiki session on a client.

It even has the timed music for you too.

And you can join in with me doing a self-treatment for one minute at each of the 12 hand positions.

Many Reiki practitioners like to turn their client over like a piece of toast, halfway through a session to do the back positions.

But I never do.

I find it too disturbing, both for me and for them.

I would simply suggest beaming the Reiki through from the front to the back areas instead.

Again, we all do things by preference.

So, trust your own judgment and do it your way.

That way it will be the right way for you and your client at that moment in time.

Does it hurt to do the attunement more than once?

No, it doesn’t hurt at all, actually, even if you do it once. Just thought I should clarify that.

You may repeat your self- attunement ceremony as many times as you like.

People often do, and also use it as a meditation tool.

The more times you self-attune, the more joyfully connected you will become to your Reiki energy.

How many times, I wonder, have people wished that they could afford to be attuned again, just for the pleasure of the experience?

Well, with our system, you can.

Thanks for listening.

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