How to Dress For Reiki

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How To Dress for Reiki

Sorry to bug you master but I have been thinking about looking professional while doing Reiki for people, and was wondering what style of oriental garment would work for a male.

I want to create an atmosphere and black pants and a white shirt just doesn’t feel right, I have no ideas about what would fit the part, I have seen many posts online wondering the same thing but cannot find any that suggest what would fit the part … help!

And my answer:

A… I would suggest wearing anything that makes you feel comfortable and also that makes you ‘feel the part’ of a Reiki practitioner.

This could be something relaxed and informal like black loose linen trousers with a black T shirt or the same ensemble in white.

Or you could do a more formal ‘professional’ outfit like your dentist does 🙂

But, ask yourself – ‘What sort of image do you want to invoke? And where will you be practicing?’

There are several places online that do T shirts with Reiki logos on too.

You can get very nice ‘work wear’ for dentists and hairdressers online, that would easily juxtapose to being suitable for giving Reiki sessions.

Myself, well, I simply wear whatever I feel comfortable in on the day 🙂

Just remember to practice a session, in whatever you decide, before a real client comes.

That way you will know if you can stretch and bend and remain cool and comfortable.

On a different note – don’t get too caught up in what to wear…

Your ability to do Reiki has nothing to do with what you wear or where you do it!

Your strength and confidence comes from within. And that comes from being confident in yourself and the fact that you know you can now share your Reiki.

By all means ‘play the part’ until you ‘feel the part’, then just BE the part of you that is an expression of your Reiki as a healer.

If you get my drift…

Now I must drift off and put on my pinny to do the vegetables for lunch.

And then I feel just like a housewife… ha ha ha!

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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