How to Recognise Your Inner Voice?


Good mornin’ all

Q… How do I recognise our inner voice?

And my answer:

A… Listening to your inner voice is a bit like ‘feeling The Force Luke’ – in and around you

It is sensing the fluctuations and flow both physically, mentally and emotionally.

To do this you need to be still inside – to be unruffled and remain calmness itself.

A tranquil pond.

Start small with something like food.

Hold some food next to your solar plexus area and feel whether your body embraces it or seems to push it away.

Check with food you know disagrees with you and with some that you know makes you feel good and vital.

Then, close your eyes – hide which is which – and do it again.

Trust – always trust what you sense even if it doesn’t make any ‘sense’ to you logically.

Then try this with a friend…

Sense which is good or bad food for them!

Practice trusting what you feel.

It may come as a subtle fluctuation in your own energy.

Like a whisp of a breeze across the top of your tranquil pond.

Is it about feelings? Yes!

Certain sensations creep over you…

…that may be exceedingly pleasant or rather weird!

But sometimes the sensations are extremely subtle.

And, if you want to really ‘hear’ what you’re ‘saying’, then be still.

Listen to the small sensations, the little hesitations that arise, feel any tension in your body and where that tension is.

For example…

We meet someone and immediately feel our skin crawl.

So, walk, perhaps run, away!

We meet someone else, and we feel like we’ve known them for years and immediately want to be their best friend.

We touch someone and suddenly feel sad.

We sense each other’s energy more and more the closer we get.

And when we move into someone’s personal space or mingle in their aura, then our energies blend – and as you sense them, they sense you too – if you’re both being aware.

Of course, going back to the walk/run away example, we’re brought up to be polite and not offend others…

…but if your skin does crawl and the hairs go up on the back of your neck then move away from whatever is causing it.

No matter the offence that may be taken…

For you’ve just warned yourself of danger to you!

Yes, many of us have ignored our own warnings, walked right into danger and then had to run like heck the other way.

Then there’s this…

Everything about the wedding arrangements were held up, awkward, difficult, and then on the day he got hit by a bus and rushed to a faraway hospital.

Any chance he might be saying, in his own way, I don’t really want to marry you?

When situations or people are right for you – you know it because it all feels comfortable, like the shoe fits

If your shoe (symbolically) rubs anywhere, take it off and walk away.

Is it about words? – Yes.

Ever noticed how certain words keep popping up all over the place?

Like bloomin’ great sign posts!

If you’re pondering about something and ask for guidance, it’ll be given.

Notice what catches your eye immediately after pondering your question.

Maybe you catch the headlines at the news stand – DANGEROUS situation averted!

Or you see a sign in the road…

DANGER men at work!

You pass some wires that have been there for years but you notice a sign this time that says – DANGER do not touch!

Perhaps you catch half a conversation and just hear… “clearly the DANGER of such a thing wasn’t”… as a couple walk by.

Have you got your answer yet?

Or the headlines could be – LOVING couple celebrate 100 years of happy marriage

Or an advert in the bus station – I LOVE my car/cornflakes/soft hair.

Or a sign at an animal shelter…

Please take me home and LOVE me

Or the half-whispered conversation of a couple walking by…

”I LOVE you so much, you’re the best thing”…

Have you got your answer yet?

It’s all awareness and connecting the dots.

But those dots will only mean something to you.

Your friend will only see an advert or the fluffy kitten and think you’re totally bonkers if you say:

‘Yes, I’m going to marry him, the advert said so’…

Is it about Synchronicities? – Yes!

Ever noticed how when something is right everything fits together seamlessly?

Perhaps it’s like that old saying: When the shoes fits!

I know this to be true because the series of events that led to Chris and I getting together couldn’t have been imagined or designed by either of us…

Well, yes of course – it was – but you know what I mean.

Here’s another example…

My sister-in-law suddenly had a terrible headache on the way to a very important meeting.

She was with her boss in his car, and he had to stop on the slip road onto the motorway so she could control her headache.

The headache lasted 10 minutes exactly and then stopped.

Her boss was not pleased about the delay or having to stop in such an awkward, even dangerous spot.

But, after having eventually joined the motorway, they were directed off it at the next junction due to a massive pile up…

Had they not stopped, they may very well have been killed because they would probably have been caught in the middle of that huge accident.

So, you’re never, ever late…

you always arrive at the exact right time.

No matter what happens on your journey.

You may get lost, be delayed by a tractor or snooze too long in a layby.

But there are no accidents – ever.

If we get ‘lost’ we know that at some time in the future, the knowledge we have just gained of the area will come in handy at a later date.

Maybe, you bump your car into a plumber and 2 days later your washing machine leaks!

He fixes it, stays for coffee and 10 years later you have 3 children together.


All you have to do is be still more often, be silent more often and always, always TRUST the feelings, sensations, signposts and sequence of events that unravel in front of you.

TRUST your inner voice when it whispers, and you won’t need to be given a shout.

And you won’t have to be hit by the proverbial bus to wake you up!

How can you begin finding your inner voice?

Well, a Reiki self-treatment each morning is a brilliant way to take you to that quiet inner space, where you can listen in peace to your own intuition and guidance.

So, start there!

Now, have an exceptionally powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend.

Judith 🙂

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