How To Send Reiki To More Than One Request At A Time

How to send Reiki to more than one request at a time

There are many Reiki groups, clubs and societies that ask us for help and support.

Many of these groups have lists of people, animals or situations requiring distant healing or support.

It can be very time consuming and inconvenient to send Reiki to each request one at a time.

But luckily Reiki can easily be given to all requests on the list simultaneously.

And here’s how I do it…

To send the Reiki energy to a list or group, start by sitting quietly.

You can be in front of your computer or print out the list and sit in your favourite chair.

Draw out the Power symbol over your palms and repeat it’s name 3 times.

Then draw the Distance symbol over your palms and repeat it’s name 3 times too.

Now, cup your hands lightly together and hold the list or look at your screen.

If you’re using your computer screen as the point of focus you can face your palms towards the screen and ‘beam’ the Reiki energy from your palms like a torch light beam, towards the screen…

Make your statement of intention… for example…

“I call upon the Reiki energy for all on this list. May the energy be used for their highest good and the highest good of all concerned.”

Or you may chose to say each name and their location individually…

Or just those names that seem to resonate with you – it’s totally up to you.

As you read down the list some names may jump out at you or pull you, so maybe focus on them for an extra moment…

Then close your eyes and just let the feelings of Reiki energy flow from you to the list for as long as it ‘feels’ right for you.

Some days 10 mins feels like 3 hours and other days 3 hours feels like ten minutes… ha ha ha!!!

Just trust how you feel… and know that you’ll ‘know’ when you have done enough for this particular session.

Then close by drawing out a power symbol over the list and saying…

“I now seal this process with divine love and wisdom”.

Gently press your palms together… now, here’s where I then blow into the air across my palms as though blowing fairy dust out to the people on the list…

In my imagination I see all on the list being covered in the golden light. That’s my blessing 🙂

But whatever works and feels the right way for you, will be the most powerful and effective for YOU.

Don’t be afraid to do your own thing 🙂

I often hold my favourite crystal too… Amy Amethyst.

Crystals magnify the Reiki energy and also give clarity to your intention and focus.

For me, the key as ALWAYS, is to keep it simple 🙂

This way it doesn’t matter how big or long your list appears to be, it will not overwhelm you.

You will feel comfortable and in control… that means strong and capable 🙂

And a dose of that, is just what the doctor ordered!



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