Human Being or Android?

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Now do please excuse me – but this Sunday Chat will be more of a rant than a chat..!

Because I just have to shout WAKE UP!!!

Someone sent me this very interesting video and on the surface it seems like a champion idea.

But do please watch it with your mind fully AWAKE!!!

Hmmm, very seductive isn’t it?

They’ll be able to monitor your health 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world…

It’s new medicine plugged into you – it’s continuous surveillance talking to your ‘phone!

It’s all about nano-sensors either put into you or wireless sensors stuck on you, and…

According to this clever doctor it’s the greatest medical breakthrough ever – ‘because now we can understand you, which is something we’ve never done before’.

Well he got that bit right at least!

But do you really want a little device implanted that circulates round your body to indicate you’re a prime candidate for a heart attack in the next 2 weeks?

Blimey! Knowing that it could happen any minute now, may be just enough to give you a bloomin’ heart attack, any minute now.

Call me old fashioned but I’d just prefer to be ‘struck down’ by surprise… ha ha ha!

But all joking aside…

The electromagnetic, microwave energy being given out by all this wireless technology is said – by very many experts far, far brighter than me – to be extremely detrimental to human health…

And now they want to introduce more and more of it, for longer and longer periods of time – to aid human health!

Am I missing something here?

Yes, on the face of it, it all sounds very nice that your elderly mother can be sent home from hospital – and if she collapses ‘they’ will know because this little bug inside them will notify ‘them’…

And that every function of every organ in your body is being constantly monitored too (which should help our hypochondriac natures no end of course) 🙂

But who, or more likely what, will be doing the monitoring, and how much will it cost? Will it become compulsory; will it be administered at birth so that a mothers intuition no longer counts?

Hmmm, yes, mothers – whatever happened to Mothers?

Do you remember. Those loving caring women who had children and actually stayed at home to look after them.

And married (or not) a proper man who went hunting all day to provide for his family 🙂

Whatever happened to the Family?

Do you remember?

Those loving, caring, fighting, supportive, encouraging, weird, wonderful bunch of people that seem to come and go as they please in your life!

Or the family elders who sat in the parlour and shared wisdom, knowledge and know-how with you – while at the same time scaring you a little.

When I get poorly I want to go to a loving, caring, wise person, who has infinite wisdom about what it is to be human.

I do not want to become a hybrid android who simply plugs into a computer which tells me which part of my composite body parts are malfunctioning.

I am a human being.

I am not an android.

I am complex yet simple, beautiful and amazing.

I need and want touch, contact, love, compassionate understanding and gentleness.

So, be very careful what YOU want because that is exactly what you will get.

Are you a healer of merit or just an android pacifier?

Do your hands have the magic touch?

Or will it interfere with the digital receptors of the micro-chipped client.

I want to die a free woman of natural causes not if or when someone else decides to switch off my chip.

And let me add this too:

This new technology is being promoted as able to predict future health problems – based on your genetic makeup, predisposition and familial history etc…

…which does not take into account the findings of Dr Bruce Lipton whose research shows, quite categorically, that genes do not control biology – belief does!

Just sharing my opinion as loudly as I can and hoping that some of you will hear it.

But I honour your choice, whatever you decide to do.

It’s called freedom of choice after all.

Now is definitely the time to stand up and become the real healers you all say you want to be.

Reiki will encourage you to develop your natural skills and help you become a sensitive, intuitive, caring and complete human being.

With hands that have the magic touch! 🙂

Leave the android docking device method to others… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

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