If Reiki is LOVE, What Is FEAR?

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If Reiki is LOVE, What Is FEAR? I answer this further down the page, buy first…

Q… If I am a Reiki Master, how do I become a Reiki Master Teacher? And do you do a certificate for the Reiki Master Teacher?

And my answer…

A… Most would say to teach when you can attune others… but that takes practice and a certain confidence.

You have all the information needed, so you could teach in a fashion now.

But teaching in itself is an art form. Some people can share knowledge easily and interestingly, others put you to sleep in a heartbeat… ha ha ha!

You will know when the time is right to teach, both for you and the others drawn to you.

TRUST in your own intuition and practice, practice, practice to get that confident feeling 🙂

We do not provide a special or separate Reiki teaching certificate because you can use the one we award you, to teach.

The only difference between a practitioner and a teacher is the ability to share an attunement.

A Master practitioner is given the Master symbol but not shown how to attune others.

That’s all…

We show you how to do that and once you feel confident, away you go!

Second question…

Q… I’m so unsure now about Reiki, i’ve truly had the most terrible experiences with it and have lost my best friend because of it.

I’m a level 2 and am terrified to use it and have tried all avenues to talk to someone “honestly” about it but all the Reiki Masters i have telephoned or written to, do not reply to my ongoing problem and insecurities and fear.

I’m totally lost and alone with this and feel that i’ll never get the support that i need to heal again.

And my answer…

A… Then perhaps Reiki it is NOT the healing remedy for you 🙂

And best friends do not fall out over Reiki – that is just the last straw to break the camel’s back. It’s just a handy excuse for not addressing the real problem between you.

Remember, there are NO ACCIDENTS…

If you are so terrified to use Reiki… then don’t. 🙂

Leave it alone, let it go. Do something else!

No-one but YOU, is forcing you to do something which obviously is not working for you.

It’s OK to move on. It’s OK for it NOT to be right for you. IT’S OK… 🙂

All this has nothing to do with Reiki. It is simply about your FEARS.

Everything is fearful to you. Try having a go at being afraid but doing it anyway… but gently with yourself.

And you are not alone, you are always with yourself – for when you are alone you are really experiencing being all-one 🙂

Be your own best friend first 🙂 The only person we can ever heal is ourselves.

I would suggest you checkout Panic Away…

It is quick and easy to learn and has an instant effect.

It is brilliant for emotional problems, overcoming any fears or anxieties and it works instantly, on the spot 🙂

So leave the Reiki for now – it will still be there if ever you need it again.

But for now focus on something different and as I say, Panic Away sounds an excellent choice to me.

Here’s the link to check it out

And can I just say a very big ‘thank you’ for the kind support sent my way.

It is much appreciated, and…

I’ve added a couple of the handy tips sent in to me too.

At least I can eat beef and chocolate now… ha ha ha!

Judith 🙂

PS… Other “Tummy Tips” that have been sent in…

I’ve treated many with IBS and similar with the following:

Christopher’s brand “lower bowel” start with 1 capsule, and try to get to 2 a day (during acute times, you may want to do more) slowly. Also do a great brand of probiotics and digestive enzymes, and stay away from any and all hydrogenated oils.



Please try to heal your bowel with aloe vera. The cold pressed quart from the GNC used to be about $8, and should be mixed with grape juice frozen concentrate in the blender to make it more palatable, and drink several ounces two or three times a day. Please get your physician’s permission to try this treatment.

For the colon, do an enema at least twice a day, then place an equal amount of plain aloe vera gel into the colon two to three times per day and hold as long as possible each time.

My ex-husband’s brother healed himself of advanced colon cancer with this method, and a co-worker healed herself of a perforated colon using the same treatments.

Aloe vera gel also heals the esophagus quite well. I once read a medical report in the 80’s which said that “No Known Virus could live in Aloe Vera” so I devised numerous treatments based on that finding.

My son was healed in 1985 at the age of ten of a fast growing blood tumor on his neck with gel applied topically straight from the plant, and the tumor was healed within two weeks, never to return, after having been cut and cauterized three times in two weeks at the Dallas Naval Hospital. My son was having severe anxiety attacks until we began the aloe vera treatment.


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