I’m Not a Reiki Master


Good mornin’ all

Consider this…

I am not a Reiki Master…

I am not Judith Conroy.

I’m an energy expression known as a human being and named Judith for convenience.

I’m of the family commonly known as Conroy.

And I’m not a Reiki Master.

Reiki is a name given to an aspect of the One Energy.

I’m not a Master of this energy – I AM this energy.

And so are you!

My journey through my life has led to me becoming AWARE of a part of me known as Reiki.

Calling me a Reiki Master suggests I’m in control of this Reiki energy and can direct this part of me as I command.

But I don’t want to control and command anything.

I want to drift through life and experience each moment as it occurs.

The more I LOVE this energy expression known as Judith Conroy, the more I can drop trying to control everything.

I can drop the FEAR of losing control and start to float in the river, as I drift to the sea.

The more I let go of names and labels, the more out of control I become.

It’s called freedom…

The more I drop labels, the more I connect and blend INTO the One Energy.

The more I feel and sense a connection to everything.

Don’t label me a Reiki Master – Let me move beyond that.

Don’t label yourself one either.

Let’s drift and connect in the ocean of Oneness together.

Blimey, I’ll be waving feathers next… ha ha ha!

I hope you do catch my drift, as it really is a wonderful sensation!


Judith 🙂

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