Improving Your Eyesight And Insight With Reiki :-)



Good mornin’ all

I had to get up at 5am to write this – a bit extreme I know but then this whole week has been either one extreme or the other 🙂

Life can often seem like that, especially lately! 🙂

But the trick is to stay calm and serene, on the inside, even when all about you is in chaos.

Easier said than done, of course, but not if you use your Reiki to steady yourself 🙂

A daily self-treatment will always bring you back to your centre. 🙂

Then the gales of life may blow and your roof fall in and you’ll take it all in your stride. 🙂

Knowing that everything is as it should be…

There’s an intuitive FEELING in life which whispers to you, to remain calm, centred and balanced if you want to live a life of joy and happiness. 🙂

But then you get ill, lose your job, your partner dies or the cat goes missing. 🙁

And you ask yourself “What’s that all about”?


When you look death in the eye, you can experience FEELING so alive!

When you lose everything you’ve got, you can experience FEELING such relief and freedom!

When a loved one dies you can experience FEELING so alone but then independent, flexible and giving at the same time!

When a furry loved one goes missing, you can FEEL so sad and miserable and then they nonchalantly return! 🙂

Every extreme experience has an extreme opportunity contained within it – and to harness that opportunity you have to remain, as I say, steadfast and true, to yourself.

Just suppose this:

Q – I’ve MS and it has affected my left eye. I’d give anything to feel better.

Or this:

Q – Can eyesight be improved with the help of Reiki? I really need your help.

Then ponder this:

Can Reiki help with eyes? YES it can. Definitely, absolutely, certainly 🙂

But not always in the way you expect or imagine.

These might be considered an extreme experience for some…

On the outside it appears that your eyes are faulty and your vision is restricted.

And it feels like an external bodily condition beyond your control.

But you have to remember, there really are NO accidents in life!

You create or allow everything – either consciously or subconsciously.

Faulty outer vision isn’t always a fault with your physical eyes, it’s often a fault with your inner vision.

It stops you from ‘seeing’ the future you want to create or from observing the ‘things going on’ in your immediate surroundings…

“What the eye doesn’t see, the mind won’t make into MATTER” …so to speak.

So what can be done to help?

For the external manifestation of an emotional problem, in a physical condition, you need a practical remedy to start with.

Something that can inspire you and allow you to FEEL more in charge and confident. 🙂

So for either of the above physical conditions I would suggest combining Reiki with EFT to really address the emotional turmoil and disperse your deep seated fears.

The EFT tapping will immediately address any negative FEELINGS that pop up and bring you back to your balanced centre.

Great for during the day when any situation can create a wobble.

Plus, you FEEL as if you’re ‘doing something’ (which you are!) but you also FEEL in charge of the situation.

Not in a dominating your body sort of a way but in a creative, positive way 🙂

And while you’re busy on the outside ‘fixing’ your eyes and the physical problems…

You’ll also remain steadfast and true to your Inner Being by doing a simple REIKI self-treatment every day. 🙂

By BE-ing IN yourself, you’ll FEEL more connected to the whole event.

Connected yet apart. Both the observer and the observed.

You’ll ‘see’ yourself more clearly and understand and come to know, what it is you’re experiencing and why.


By simply adjusting your FEELINGS on a moment to moment basis 🙂

By constantly creating FEELINGS that make YOU FEEL GOOD 🙂

Then you can let go of the negative feelings and DECIDE to move on happily. 🙂

Another little trick to keep creating a positive outcome, is just before nodding off to sleep at night, close your eyes and ‘see perfectly’.

You know what it FEELS like to see well so keep generating that positive picture.

Then when you open your eyes in the morning and things are a little blurry, PRETEND that your eyes are wonderful…

Smile and FEEL brilliant about seeing everything – blurred or not!

Do that which makes YOU smile and laugh…always…

And you’ll KNOW you’re on the right path…

For YOU! 🙂

Reiki supports YOU, your spirit, your essence, your very BEing and when that sits comfortably ‘within’ then your outer reflects contentment too.

Your life becomes joyful and serene.

Was it something external that produced a cure or was it the calming and re-aligning to your spirit with Reiki?

In fact, it’s ‘the all of it’ 🙂

You come across the right thing at the right time.

All you have to do is TRUST your intuition 🙂

There’s only ONE energy but many ways to work with it.

Reiki being one of those ways.

And the only way to really KNOW if something is right for you, right now, is to give it a fair crack 🙂

Trust the outcome as being absolutely right for you, right now.

Trust that not being distracted by ‘seeing things’ you’ll be open to all those more hidden and slightly out of sight things 🙂

Perfick! 🙂

Have a bloomin’ marvellous weekend…

Judith 🙂



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