In The End…


Good mornin’ all

Many of you have known me for years but very few of you have realised or noticed that I have a terminal condition.

Every day, I have to stave off the inevitable and so far, I’ve done a sterling job!

Some days are easier than others but then we all have our ups and downs.

My condition is hereditary and is passed on at birth, so I’m doing excellently well at ‘staving off’ that inevitable outcome.

I don’t blame my parents, mostly because I’m adopted and don’t know who they were… ha ha ha!

But I wouldn’t blame them anyway…

…they must have had the same thing.

What I’ve found, when you realise you have a terminal condition, no matter what its name is, is that you have this great desire to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST 🙂

To enjoy every moment, in the moment.

To live, love and laugh as much as you can.

To share your joy.

Imagine, if you will, that this could be your last day on earth, alive.

What would you choose to do?

Chris has been my wonderful support and best friend and given me so much unconditional love.

I am truly blessed.

And having my son was my greatest achievement.

Blessed again.

Unfortunately, he now has the same hereditary terminal condition.

I don’t know exactly when my “bell will toll” and I don’t want to know either but until then I’ll continue to live as if todays the day.

My terminal condition was a gift to me from my parents and I in turn have gifted it to my son.

And it has been a gift indeed.

No need to cry, no need to fear the inevitable…

You have two choices in life:

To live your life as if you’re actually alive in every moment…

Or to live your life trying to avoid the inevitable deathly outcome.

My gift has allowed me to have fun when I can, take pleasure in helping others, and see the beauty in every single day!

I intend to enjoy what time is left to me.

I reckon I’ve another 30 years… ha ha ha!

My ‘gift’ is that transient, elusive, marvellous, precious, risky, funny, fragile, playful, singular condition called ‘Life’…

So, take risks, dare to be spontaneous, make connections, live, LOVE and laugh… a lot!

No regrets ever.


Judith 🙂

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