Intuitive Reiki or Plain Reiki?

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Intuitive Reiki or Plain Reiki

Q… Dear Judith,

Many thanks for your Sunday chat articles. I have been a Reiki Master for many years but I have a problem when giving Reiki to my wife. The heat from my hands makes her itch so quickly that a rash almost immediately appears and I have to resort to healing at a distance. Have you come across this phenomena and is there any other way I can do hands-on healing to her?

And my answer…

A… I haven’t come across your problem before but I do know some people have slightly antagonistic chemicals in other departments that can cause infertility… not quite the same but on similar lines… 🙂

Perhaps you have a job involving chemicals or you put your hands in something that your wife’s skin finds irritating? It could just be as simple as the washing up liquid if you kindly do the dishes for her 🙂

But my suggestion in the meantime would be to use soft cotton gloves when touching her during a healing session. The sort you pick up from the chemist for wearing at night in bed.

BUT wait… on reflection, I first answered your question by looking at it from your point of a mans point of view but after further pondering and using my intuition I felt there was more.

So I’ve gone through the question again.

Q… I have a problem when giving Reiki to my wife.

A… Has your wife asked you to give her Reiki? Or do you feel you can ‘fix’ her health for her?

Remember we never heal anyone… we only support them while they do it themselves. Perhaps your wife is not quite ready to let go of the benefits her ill health brings her.

In the nicest possible way, men like to fix things but women do not need fixing, they just need to ‘talk out the answer from inside themselves’…

All you need to do is be a sounding board.

Just silently listen until she comes up with her own answers 🙂

You can make the right noises, here and there, of course like ‘mmmm’ and ‘aahhhh!’

The more she can warble on uninterrupted the quicker she will ‘find herself’, so to speak.

(This is true for most people too, male or female.)

At the moment you have a problem giving and she has a problem receiving.

These are two very different things 🙂

Q… The heat from my hands makes her itch so quickly that a rash almost immediately appears and I have to resort to healing at a distance.

A… Heat – anger!
A rash – irritation!
Healing at a distance – back-off!

If this is not hormone related I’d be surprised! Perhaps I should have suggested kid gloves not cotton 🙂

As one woman to another would say – You do not have to do anything for your wife, except in the words of Merlin, “Love her”

Be there, strong and dependable, loving and reliable. She is going through a change in her life and when she decides what it is and comes to embrace it, all will be balanced again.

It is often a good idea to sleep on things or to sit quietly and ponder for a moment or two before coming to a decision or making a statement.

In those quiet moments your intuition will kick in and if you are still and quiet, the answer, or clarity you seek, will simply appear in your thoughts.

Doing Reiki on yourself each and every day will further enhance those quiet moments, until one day you are able to tap into that intuitive space as easily as flicking a light switch.


Using our Intuitive Reiki Meditation will also help to strengthen you psychic abilities and allow you to TRUST yourself more.

But you can use plain and practical Reiki or use Reiki that can only be enhanced by your intuitive skills. Both take practice and the best person to practice on is yourself 🙂

Positively bloomin’ marvellous!

Judith 🙂

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