Is Reiki a Martial Art?

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Is Reiki a Martial Art

I’ve often talked about the Healer/Warrior connection with Reiki, so let me expand a little on this…

But first, let’s break the word Reiki down into two parts – the Rei and the Ki.

We’ve all heard of Ki energy haven’t we? It’s the external expression of your internal energy, which can be used for things like…

Healing or as a martial art

Empowering a situation or starting your car etc

It’s generally tangible as heat, tingling or a cold sensation. It’s dynamic, powerful and explosive.

Ki = action of some sort.

In martial arts a youth starts out generally using his Ki in a hard style, like karate or kung fu. This follows set patterns of one movement then another, often in a linear fashion…
Sometimes in a square pattern, almost like a square dance πŸ™‚

Hard styles build up your Ki in your muscles and limbs. It concentrates on strength, muscle tension and explosive physical power.

In the west it would translate to being sporty, doing weights or any cardiovascular training.

Talking ‘light’ wise, it would suggest concentrating your Inner Light by focussing your energy into a small, sharp, hot, laser like beam and going for it… POW!

Laser vision, spot on! Attack with precision…

…be that a new job with confidence, starting the new diet with gusto, or clapping your hands and ‘power healing’ a broken bone like Mr Miyagi in the Karate Kid films πŸ™‚

But once you’ve exploded your energy, it can leave you feeling drained and tired, until you replenish yourself with rest and food.

In the health industry, this may be in the Accident and Emergency department. πŸ™‚

When we first encounter Rei-‘Ki’ we want to use the symbols and hand positions to help us ‘focus’ and apply it to others.

We want to demonstrate the Ki part externally.


As youth matures and mellows you come to realise there is more to your Rei-Ki than just expressing it externally, in such a black and white way.

Your attitude softens with experience. So does your vision.

Now we move into the Internal or soft martial arts or the REI part of Reiki.

The Rei part is more subtle. It’s the intuitive, sensitive, knowing part.

It is the origin of it all.

The creative self!

It’s not so much a case of using your Rei energy, but actually β€˜being’ your Rei energy.

It’s not tangible in a feeling, demonstrating it sort of way, more in a sensing it way.

So, instead of pushing your energy outwards to effect the outer, relax and expand your inner energy so it blends seamlessly, edgelessly, with everything.

It becomes soft and pervading. Gentle and caressing!

A bit like Tai Chi or Aikido πŸ™‚

So, instead of being ‘lightening fast’ we slow down and our light becomes more diffuse. We use our peripheral vision to actually see more and take in the bigger picture.

For soft martial arts are more flowing and circular in movement. They flow in one continuous movement making them more like a moving meditation or personal expression of your inner dance.

This gives you balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – literally and symbolically.

Internal energy (Rei) is encouraged to flow along the acupuncture meridians too, bringing good health and longevity.

It builds up the REI internally in your organs, ligaments, tendons and sinews, using good breathing and deep relaxation…

Which makes you more flexible and accommodating – mentally and physically.

Internal martial arts require NO tension – inside or out.

Using you internal or REI energy on yourself, every day, will improve all aspects of your life.

For this is the Universal Life Force energy.

Perhaps I should say ‘acknowledging’ your REI energy to yourself everyday will allow your inner light to shine so strongly that you will become a beacon.

A source of glowing, invigorating, inspiring energy for others to be uplifted by!

A strong inner REI energy gives you strength of character, a strong will and determination.

It gives you fortitude and compassion.

A strong inner REI energy glows with warmth and invitation.

It tinkles and sparkles with delight, like laughter on the breeze.

Because your inner glow is soft and diffuse, it blends and harmonises.

Used for healing, all you have to do is sit and share.

A ‘do nothing and all will be done’ – no effort, no tension, no focus required.

Just smile and shine πŸ™‚

REI-KI becomes more than a martial art. It becomes a deep knowing and a very intimate relationship with your divine self.

There are no symbols, no hand positions, no structure or pattern – simply One energy.

Rei = stillness.

You are a light being and Reiki is simply a name for your light bulb πŸ™‚

I think of Reiki as Rei being the inner aspect of Universal energy or as the Chinese might say Shen, and the Ki part as the external expression.

So tomorrow, instead of Standing Like a Tree, Sit Like a Reiki Master πŸ™‚

Perfick! As I said, I’m trying to make sense along my new path.

Judith πŸ™‚

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