Is Reiki Wicked?

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Is Reiki Wicked?

Now, we often talk about how to stay positive, how to affirm positive actions, etc…

…and then we open our mouths and what usually pops out?

Negativity in all its gory glory!

So you’d do well to remember, words have POWER.

Yes, YOU give them this power – of course you do.

But it does caution you, to be very mindful about what you think about and then actually speak out loud – because there’s a distinct possibility it’s EXACTLY what you’ll get. 🙂

Now, call me old fashioned – or perhaps just call me old (don’t you dare) – but I do remember how to speak correctly… ha ha ha!

And I am fortunate to be old enough to have a vocabulary bigger than a pin head!

So, I am a beautiful, divine being, capable of many feelings, thoughts and actions – and to express this divinity coherently I need knowledge and comprehensive language skills.

But how can I express myself in this reversed society?

To illustrate, I’m going to use just one example… wicked.

Today, in the common vernacular wicked means good???

How did that occur?

It’s quite ridiculous really…

For you see, this insidious reversal of word meanings is devastating to our self expression and communication of feelings.

Yes, I do know why we are all being urged to use reversed words and meanings. It’s to remove clarity, get us all mixed up, get us used to confusion.

So, is Reiki wicked?


But perhaps that’s just me being old fashioned. Well, I’m certainly not hip anyway… ha ha ha!

Who knows, perhaps if I was 30 years younger I may think Reiki to be wicked…

But I still remember The Wicked Stepmother, The Wicked Witch of the West and a deed that could be described as wicked.

Now, instead of the wicked stepmother instilling a feeling of dread, she raises a smile to our faces and her wicked antics are portrayed as family comedy.

The wicked witch is now a children’s cartoon favourite.

Just imagine how a modern Ho’oponopono could sound as you look in the mirror each morning 🙂

It may go something like this:

I`m sorry – My bad bitch.

Please forgive me – Don’t give me attitude bitch.

Thank you – Wicked!

I Love you – You’re wicked bitch 🙂


They express, with clarity, exactly what you are thinking and feeling.

Your words connect you to others like nothing else can.

Do not get lost in this maze of negativity. Don’t get drawn in to using words that express the opposite of what you mean.

So, is Reiki still wicked to you?

I hope the answer is now a definite NO!

You see, I’m old enough, wise enough and womanly enough to know the enchantment of hearing those three most powerful words

‘I Love You’ – spoken with clarity and feeling…

And that’s goodly good to my ears 🙂


Now, just before I go let me quickly update you on my brand new Reiki meditation packages which I’ve been quietly beavering away on…

You’ll probably remember I mentioned a little while ago that I’m working on a totally new approach to further enhance my already very powerful Reiki meditations by adding easy to follow along EFT tapping videos into the mix.

Well, the first one is now almost complete and, fingers crossed, it’ll be ready by next weekend.

I’m very excited about it because, as with everything, I test it myself first and it works very, very well indeed.

Anyway, I’ll email you later in the week with all the details, so keep your eye out for it – it may positively change your life.

Judith 🙂

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