Is There a Faster Way to Reiki

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Is There a Faster Way to Reiki

Q… Is there a faster way to advance my power in using Reiki as I am not usually feeling it all that strongly?

A… There is only ‘now’, so where are you rushing to?

Whatever you do or do not sense is absolutely right for you. ‘Try’ not to ‘keep trying’ so much and rather, just let it be, and watch the outcome.

Often when we look back on something we can appreciate just how powerful and often life changing a small, almost missed event can be 🙂

Q… I know this kind of stuff comes over time.

A… Then trust your knowingness 🙂

Q… Is there a particular exercise I could use?

A… Just do your own Reiki session each day using the 12 hand positions, and enjoy.

The rest will fall into place perfectly. 🙂

Judith 🙂

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