I’ve Got Your Number! :-)


Good morning all,

Oh dear! I’ve been pondering again 🙂

It’s so strange, to me, that many people believe anything like Reiki must be voodoo or magic or make believe.

They doubt and ridicule any mention of the One Energy or that we’re all connected by some unseen, Universal thread or bound by something invisible and intangible.

Especially when you think about iPhone’s and the like 🙂

What’s the difference between believing in the magic of Reiki or the magic of your bloomin’ iPhone?

OK, so if I want to ‘connect’ with you using Reiki and the One Energy, I simply set my intention.

If I want to ‘connect’ with you on my iPhone I press contacts.

With Reiki I ‘dial’ a symbol into my palms. In fact, you could even imagine you’ve a phone in your palm and the keypad has the Reiki symbols on it. 🙂

Or I can hold my iPhone in my hand and dial your number.

With Reiki, I silently wait to connect and feel you or sense your energy 🙂

Or listen to the dial tone on my iPhone and somehow know that you’ll pick up.

Once we connect I can share my good thoughts, loving intentions, healing energy, or simply send you Reiki energy for your highest good, ‘over the ethers’ 🙂

Or we can chat and catch up about this and that ‘over the iPhone’.

Then, when it feels like you’ve had enough of my energy flow, I’ll disconnect by pressing my palms together and ending the session. I remove my intention and attention.

Or, I press the disconnect button on my iPhone.

But what’s the difference?

Both seem to use magic to connect. The energy of both ‘gadgets’ apparently floats through the air and connects us 🙂

I can pick up my iPhone and dial a number and never doubt that somehow, wherever you are in the world, we will connect.

Poof! Just like that 🙂

Or, I can dial you up using Reiki and I still never doubt that somehow, wherever you are in the world, we will connect.

Reiki energy, the One Energy, is exactly the same as using your cell/mobile phone.

So, Reiki is like an invisible gadget exactly like your phone.

But just because you can’t see the Reiki phone you’re holding, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Often, you can sense when someone is going to phone you and when the phone rings, you just ‘know’ who it is before you connect.

And it’s the same with Reiki.

You can sense when someone is sending wonderful thoughts to you and you can feel more uplifted, more vitality flowing, a smile creeping across your face, a desire to take a deep breath and relax more…

There’s no need for wires, operators, or even visible gadgets!

Some come on – get out your Reiki phones send me some loving feelings!

Oh yes! I’ve got your number now…

Feeling the vibes 🙂

Right back at you.

I believe in the Reiki magic gadget! 🙂

Have a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do weekend…

Judith 🙂

PS – to get your own magic Reiki gadget click here


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