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Joining A Reiki Club

I am just going to express one of my opinions this morning… again!

It’s one of the perks I allow myself… ha ha ha!

Okay then, here we go.

I’ve had a few emails recently from people asking that if they take our course, can they then join someone else’s Reiki club, like the Reiki Alliance for example.

Now, we have nothing against the Reiki Alliance or any other Reiki club for that matter…

…it is, after all, purely a matter of choice…

However, to set the record straight, we are not part of the Reiki Alliance or any other Reiki club – but then again, they are not part of us either 🙂

Which, as we are a very large group in ourselves, is perhaps something they should consider doing 🙂

No, no, no, not really, I’m just kidding ha, ha, ha!!!

No, we want Reiki to be utterly, completely and absolutely free from any bureaucratic type intervention whatsoever…

…for Reiki is a divine part of you – it’s not something that can be given to you or taken away from you – it’s an undeniable facet of your own divine life force energy…

A facet Dr Usui rediscovered during his own self-attunement to the beautiful energy of Reiki.

Now, you may become a Reiki Master Teacher using our course but unfortunately – we would say fortunately – the Reiki Alliance and most other self appointed “Reiki Control Clubs” will not recognise your training or allow you to join their ‘club’.

And this is rather sad!

Because what they are actually objecting to is the manner in which you have been attuned to Reiki – not the method of training.

So, in other words, they will only allow you to join their ‘club’ if you have had a ‘hands on’ attunement – because they deem all other methods of attuning to Reiki as being bogus!

Which, if you follow that kind of thinking to its logical conclusion…

…means all Reiki attunements must therefore be bogus because the founder of Reiki, Dr Usui, attuned himself to Reiki and never had a ‘hands on’ attunement himself!

Look, basic Reiki is an attunement, some symbols to learn along with their uses and away you go!

Anyone can do that and begin to sense their own energy flowing BUT… the skill of being a good Reiki energy user is practice, intuition and TRUST.

Having a ‘hands on’ attunement or doing your own self attunement is only the first step…

…the beginning of your Reiki journey!

Once you have the knowledge and structure of Reiki, it is up to you to discover how YOU will influence it with the very essence of YOU.

Every individual is an individual expression of energy.

It is what makes each one of us unique – just like handwriting.

If everyone on the planet wrote my name, Judith, every person would write it individually and uniquely.

Each ‘handwriting’ would say something about the person who wrote the name…

…and it’s the same with Reiki.

You see, once you have made the commitment by self attuning and grasped the skill of writing and saying the symbols…

…once you know what they mean and what they can do, then we encourage you to expand and express YOUR Reiki energy as best befits YOU.

“Someone seeking learning knows more and more. Someone seeking Tao knows less and less, until things just are what they are”

Lao Tzu

But, I leave YOU to decide if you wish to become a powerful independent, individual Reiki Master or just a simple club member following the will and whim of others 🙂

And we’ll leave it there for now…

…just let me jump down of me ol’ soap box and let’s move on to a Reiki question…

Q… I am now taking your ultimate Reiki package course.

May I just say how good it is of you to be so down to earth without the materialistic spiel, if you know what I mean hallelujah?

I already understand a lot of the concept about the course as I truly believe personally what you are saying about life and have always healed people with my hands without actually knowing how I do it but the main thing is it works and helps others.

I would just like to know: what are the most important things to learn, as at the moment I seem to be writing every little thing down on the course and revising it word for word.

Mainly because I am true to myself and true to the heart and do not see any benefit to myself or others if I just lied and said “hey I’ve done it, attune me please”…

So as I am sure that I may be taking everything down too literally, am I OK to just learn the symbols, the sacred names and hand positions?

Help on this matter would be appreciated as I am eager to get on and enjoy the course.

PS…You really do rock and shine through, thank you 🙂

And my answer…

A… Now, as you are already a ‘natural’, just start by adding one symbol at a time to what you do.

Play with one symbol a day or week and see what it brings up or out for you. Then add it to your repertoire of techniques, if you see what I mean.

But you can attune yourself as soon as you like or join in with a Saturday webcast.

Remember, you have the rest of your life to fine tune what you do.

The attunement is, in fact, only the beginning 🙂

Keep it simple and always trust your own intuition. Your way is always the right way for you 🙂

And another one…

Q… I have felt over centered since the attunement that I did yesterday, it feels that my energy level is very low and tears have been close all day, not sure that I understand this.

Any comments?

Again thank you so much for all the support that you provide even though you are on the other side of the world from me.

And my answer…

A… How wonderful 🙂

The remedy is to drink lots of Reiki charged water and walk around bare footed 🙂

The change and blending of energies that happens when you do an attunement needs a lot more synaptic activity, so to speak…

…and this requires good hydration.

If fact, every time you increase your internal energy flow it produces a lot more synaptic activity, especially in the brain.

So, the more hydrated you are the easier it is for the synapses to allow the ‘jump’.

That’s why it’s also nice to offer your client some water after a Reiki session.

Going barefoot connects you to the earth’s grounded feeling and will steady you, and…

The more you do this and the more you use your Reiki energy intensely, the less drained and wobbly you will feel.

Then you simply take it in your stride 🙂

But, enough already!

It’s a holiday weekend for many, so Happy Thanksgiving and let’s all join in and give thanks for our harvest.

Especially the wonderful cocoa bean… ha ha ha!


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