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Let’s join the forces of Reiki combined with EFT 🙂

Now, many Reiki practitioners are a dab hand at other healing techniques…

And it will probably be of no surprise to you that one of these extra skills – which works exceedingly well with Reiki – is the Emotional Freedom Technique…

Most commonly called EFT.

It’s very, very easy to learn and has almost magical success with healing practically everything – as you’ll see in this little
7 minute video below:

Does it work with Reiki?

You bet it does!

You see, to me, EFT is the sledge hammer and then Reiki the soothing balm 🙂

Both are powerful stand-alone therapies – but together they create a wonderful synergy of action and non-action.

The positive doing… followed by the gentle allowing.

So, how does EFT heal?

Well according to founder, Gary Craig…

EFT Tapping is, “an emotional version of acupuncture,” without the needles…

You just tap with your fingers on certain points of your body which helps release emotional issues and blocks – restoring health.

In fact as you will have seen in the video:

One man was wheelchair bound and diagnosed with MS. Today he is out of his wheelchair, off disability and does jumping jacks – all thanks to EFT.

Pretty bloomin’ marvellous if you ask me 🙂

Now, as you probably already know, I’ve been an EFT practitioner for over 8 years and…

…introduced it to my two other favourite therapies, Reiki and meditation – to produce some beautifully helpful MP3’s.

So, if you would like to experience EFT yourself, or just indulge yourself then – ‘just for today’ – we are offering our Reiki, EFT and meditation Package for ‘Releasing Procrastination’…

At a very special discount.

Click here for the special discount

It will combine perfectly with the free EFT manual offered by Gary on his video.

Until next week…

Judith 🙂

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